Joshua Ledet on American Idol Elimination: Sad, But Relieved

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To the chagrin of millions, Joshua Ledet will not be singing for the American Idol championship next week. He was eliminated on an emotional results show last night.

However, despite the tears that fell on stage soon after his name was called, Ledet sounded upbeat when talking with reporters not long after the credits rolled.

Goodbye, Josh Ledet

"I felt good about the whole situation, but when people come up to you and try to comfort you and hug you, then the tears start coming, and then a whole bunch of other stuff," said Ledet, who sang his farewell song with his mother by his side. "So just getting their support, it kind of took over, and I kind of lost it a little."

Ledet added that he wasn't shocked to be ousted because just look at his competition.

"[Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez] are great, and they have huge fan bases. They deserve it just like anyone else... I was trying to hold a smile up, and I was definitely not upset. I felt relieved. A lot of pressure was off of me, and I feel really good."

He also has reason to feel optimistic about the future, which is the message Jennifer Lopez tried to instill. Said Josh, summing up the experience:

"Jennifer told me to keep my head up and my career was only going to go further from here... I’m just gonna miss the whole environment. Everyone here is amazing. It’s like a family."

Do you think Ledet deserved to be eliminated?


what happened to three years ago kellly clarkson the good talented
people. what lkind of garbage do you put on no talent whatsiever. Please cancel american idol - I used to watch it all the time I do not watch it anymore. from bad to worse.


I believe that Joshua Ledet will have a wonderful career in music because he has a true gift in his voice and his performance. This young man is amazing and anyone that did not see it does not know true TALENT.


Joshua ladet, i have 29 years old and i love all kind of song but what ladet sing is heavenly, america is just deft, he sing like an angel he make me stand waching it at home what a voice. those who dont like him dont know about perfect and wonderfull songs.


Why do people say Joshua is screaming. He's singing with passion. He hits every note. Did Jennifer Holliday scream or Steven Tyler on the finale. No they sung with emotion and feeling. Joshua makes his performance come to life and are exciting and fun to watch.


I'm not impressed with american idol..I know they "say" the winner is selected by votes, but I dont believe it..Not just because Joshua was eliminated and he was their best singer, but because between Jessica and Philip, clearly Jessica is the better singer, and I refuse to believe people didnt see that..They trying to help him out because the "others" dont need it..THEY ARE TALENTED and their will speak for itself..Good Luck Jessica and Joshua,I'll be watching your progress from this point on...


Well, I am disappointed. Jessica Should have won. I agree with you, Shanta, Philip STINKS!




I believe that Josh should have been voted off long before this!!!!
In ALL of the songs that he sang -- they were either Gospel type or
of the type that did not 'fit' him.
In ALL of his songs-he would eventually...scream the lyrics -- not
SING them!!! I don't know if he did this to cover-up the fact that some of the notes, he couldn't sing or whatever!!!!


I am truly sorry and heartsick when Joshua got let go. Am i hearing what the judges and the audience is hearing. I think not! America should be ashamed with the elimation of truly talented singers and than we are left with medioce singers--- i will not be watching American Idol anymore, its all a farce!!


White guy with guitar always wins, but the runner up will have a better career.

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