John Travolta Lawsuit: Masseur Accuses Actor of Sexual Assault, Harassment

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John Travolta has been sued by a masseur (male masseuse) who claims that the actor tried to have sex with him during a recent massage.

According to the shocking lawsuit, Travolta saw the masseur's ad online, and scheduled an appointment for $200 an hour. Then it all went haywire.

The accuser did not know who booked the appointment, but followed instructions and met up with a black Lexus SUV, which Travolta was driving.

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Travolta and the masseur, who says he saw Trojan condoms in the center console, drove to the Beverly Hills Hotel and went to Travolta's bungalow.

The suit claims Travolta stripped naked, appearing semi-erect.

The masseur says he told Travolta to lay down on the table and the first hour went without incident. Unfortunately, there was a second hour booked.

Then, according to legal documents, the 58-year-old actor began rubbing the masseur's leg, touched his scrotum and the shaft of his penis.

The masseur claims he told the movie star that he does not have sex with his clients, but Travolta was completely undeterred ... allegedly.

Offering to do a "reverse massage," he added, "Come on dude, I'll jerk you off!!!"

The suit alleges that Travolta then masturbated and told the masseur he got to where he was "due to sexual favors he had performed when he was in his Welcome Back Kotter days," and that this is the nature of the beast.

"Hollywood is controlled by homosexual Jewish men who expect favors in return for sexual activity," Travolta said, according to the lawsuit.

The masseur, who is only listed as John Doe, claims Travolta called him a loser, but then doubled the hourly rate and sent him on his way.

The suit seeks $2 million plus punitive damages.



thanks america!!!!! who the fuck is this asshole talking bout his fuckin sex life n his "passionate father". dude, that dad of uas is probably the reason you got 2 b a f*gg*t. he sounds like a fucking pervert!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Why is anyone surprised or in denial about John Travolta? He is a on the down low,fudge packing sweat hog!!!


I must live under a rock??? I never heard John was gay or bisexual.
This is sad to me, nice wife, long marriage, children, stellar career and great actor. Even if it is the truth my opinion of John Travolta would not change.


Dear America,
1. If me and/or my posts irritate you, I am sorry but that's your problem and not mine. I learned a long time ago that it's impossible to please everyone 24/7. And, remember something called freedom of speech?
2. IF I over-punctuate and list my points thusly, that's my personal business.
3. I did not use the gay card. Just for the record, I hate that expression. And, I don't think that any of my points are more valid than other people's points.


If you are going to file a lawsuit that you know the general public is going to pull up and read and is going to be heavily scrutinized, PLEASE PROOF READ! Wow, the original complaint is full of mistakes like places where words are missing that should be there, misspelled words, mixed tenses and first person narration, as though counsel took a letter his client gave him and cut and pasted it into a pleading. Unprofessional and bush league. If you can't see the mistakes on your own, have someone else edit it for you before you file!


Mental image of Travolta feeling up another man is just eeeewww. 2 men just aint right together.


@jaybird369: Your posts are irritating;
1) because you insist on numbering your points thusly.
2) because you over-punctuate.
3) because you think pulling out your gay card makes your point more valid than other peoples.
3) because you clearly did not read Belgiums posts. He/she is clearly saying that a man who purports to be one thing to his family whilst duplicitously living a second reckless life is a horrible and selfish father. The fact that his actions have been captured online over the decades makes it even worse. So yes Belgium, America agrees with you wholly.




You people don't know these actors behind doors.I am not surprised at anything anyone does anymore.No one has morals anymore. Well I do. You say that You know he isn't gay.You don't know him personally, so that means u know nothing.Lots of famous celebrities take risks. Some get caught, and some don't. So stop being so naive people,really!


On the day he supposedly got this massage in California, he was on the entire other side of the US (On the East Coast). It's extremely easily proven and shown to be true. I think that sort of puts a little bit of a wrench into the truth of the story that the Masseur is telling.

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