John Travolta Denies Sexual Battery Claims, Denounces Lawsuit

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As we reported Monday, a $2 million lawsuit by an anonymous plaintiff who claims John Travolta sexually assaulted a masseur hired to massage the actor.

A rep for Travolta strongly denies all the claims, however, and says the actor intends to countersue the masseur, identified as John Doe in his court filing.

The rep says the accuser and his attorney(s) may be subject to a malicious prosecution lawsuit for their story, which he claims is totally fabricated.

John Travolta in a Tux

Travolta says the lawsuit claiming he sexually assaulted a masseur is a total lie, and that he was 2,475 miles from the place it supposedly happened.

The actor was on the East Coast the day the masseur claims he got on the massage table and grabbed the guy's penis, masturbated and so forth.

The statement from his rep says simply that "This lawsuit is a complete fiction and fabrication. None of the events claimed in the suit ever occurred."

John Travolta's statement notes that the masseur didn't disclose his name in the lawsuit - he sued as "John Doe" - further damaging his credibility.

John is confident he will get the case thrown out. Stay tuned.



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Travolta hasnt been in a good film since Pulp Fiction. Hes washed up in every sense of that word. Hes now known for only 3 things 1) he flies planes and 2) he is in a wierd church 3) he is a gay sex addict.


SHUT UP! Unless you were there........SHUT UP!


John T. is not a washed up star! John Doe's case is based more on wishful thinking.


People are so quick to judge before they know the facts....AMERICANS LOVE GOSSIP


Washed-up eighties stars are so gross. John Travolta, Mel Gibson, Tom Cruise, Arnold Schwarzenegger and company. Just lock em in a time capsule and bury them deep underground. PLEASE.


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As a former Hollywood Madam to hundreds of celebrities for 12 years (with many "dates" taking place at the wonderful Beverly Hills Hotel & its bungalows) I never sued one client who paid for services rendered! The only statements I find questionable in this lawsuit are:
* one hour to fry burgers? * How could P. be so precise about specific genital areas allegedly touched if he had HIS clothes on? * If P. resides in Texas, is he working in Ca. as a masseuse without a license?
The Hlwd. casting couch in general is sad but true, especially if it results in the "molested" becoming the "molester."
Prostitution is a "hobby" that is here to stay and should be decriminalized.
-Cheri Woods
Author, Death Row Madam "Exposing sex and drugs in the entertainment industry"


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