John Travolta Accuser: I Can Prove It!

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The man suing John Travolta for sexual battery is responding to the actor's denials, saying he can in fact prove the salacious behavior took place.

Marty Singer, Travolta's lawyer, says the lawsuit from the anonymous masseur is totally unfounded, as John wasn't even in town at the time.

Despite his claim that Travolta was not in L.A. January 16, and that the suit is “complete fiction and fabrication,” John Doe tells a different story.

“I have proof to support the truth that I’m telling,” he said.


Much like his name, he won't reveal specific details ... yet.

Singer's claim that John Doe would “regret” filing the lawsuit incensed the masseur, who says, "It is not for Mr. Singer to deny me my right.”

“I represent the 99 percent of the population, the working class, and I was put in an inappropriate situation that I didn’t put myself in." 

John Doe said he has no intention of backing down.

He said he thinks his case is strong: “I passed a lie detector test for the National Enquirer, and I’m telling the truth about what happened.”

John Doe adds that his experience with Travolta “started out polite and charming, but then when things didn’t go his way things digressed.”

John Doe says he was paid $200 to give Travolta a massage after the star saw an online ad for his services, then picked him up in his car.

According to the lawsuit documents, the massage began in a bungalow at The Beverly Hilton Hotel and "Travolta appeared to be semi-erect."

The lawsuit goes on to claim Travolta "touched Plaintiff's scrotum, and this time the Plaintiff told Travolta to please not touch him again."

The lawsuit states that the actor promised not to, but "Travolta quickly tried to rub the head of Plaintiff's penis as he tried to pull away."

He is seeking $2 million in damages, and is apparently undeterred by threats of a malicious prosecution countersuit from the actor's camp.

“I’m ready for my day in court,” he tells Radar Online.

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As predicted, a second guy has come out with the same accusation. Just like the pedophile priests stories, it only takes one person to open a flood gate. And Travolta has been building up quite a dam of these perversions for over 30 years. Get your raincoats ready people....the dams about to bust!


What has happened to his face??? Very scary. If he'd just come out of the closet maybe this would not of happened.


Thank you TwoMillionDollars???!!! You made me laugh! Your comment was great!
Also, I have to wonder...why was the masseuse's junk so easily available? If John did do this, it is sexual harassment. I bet you that the proof that John comes up with *that he was on the other side of the country) is fabricated. He probably paid a director of sorts 50,000.00 to say he was somewhere else.


Ha barbarino,They say your only gay if you swallow------


You naughty boy, John Travolta.


I'll say it again. Do we have any real men left, cause a real man would have left Travolta running home with a shoe shoved so far up him that it would take major surgery to removed it, in the end he would think twice the next time, not everyone go for that, I hope its not true, but if so, you need help.


@Emma: are you really female? Or just one of those self-hating gay males who wishes they were born a girl and indulges wildly in misogyny to obfuscate that fact? Because I am retty sure you are the second. I've seen your type too often.


I dont know if the story is completely true but it is an open secret that Travolta is into sordid gay sex with strangers. We should be worried for his life. He just needs to meet with one crazy or fondle the wrong guy and he is dead. Then theres the AIDS issue. I mean condoms are not 100%.


@Emma: who cares if shes hot. shes got a vagina. shes allowed to grab balls. anyone else needs to sit down and assess why they want to bump genitals with same sex. speaking of which, why is that wierd religion of his not helping him overcome his fetish.


Dayumm! How many gays r there on the comments. Like inviting Travolta to Florida and shit. God. David and your buddies, y'all need to take your sodom & gomorrah fuckery to a gay website. Shit! Some people are just too nasty.

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