John Travolta Accuser: I Can Prove It!

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The man suing John Travolta for sexual battery is responding to the actor's denials, saying he can in fact prove the salacious behavior took place.

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    Do we all not recall the many comedic jokes about John travolta displayed on "family guy".
    And he does look wicked gay in the above photo.
    I'm going out to find a gay dude and a lesbo and just ask them after I show them the above photo, then we're gonna sit down in a park somewheres and watch a few of j. travolta dancing moves from back in the days.
    Then we will wrap that up with the movie hairspray starring him and queen latifah!! Remember he played the role of the huge mom of the cute chunky chick that wanted to integrate dancing on a
    The entire movie he was in drag and they say he kept the costume on even after the filming would end for the day. Maybe his wife is gay too! Which would mean that the kids are just a product of a Hollywood gay couple. Damn. U.S.A. Is that why the prez. Reconsidered the gay marriage thing. U know Obama is close to Hollywood couples.
    Life is hard;(


    Ana: That guy Travolta kisses in the pic isnt the pilot. Its Jeff Kathrein - "the kids nanny". Google him. He is the guy who found Jetts dead body. He has no training with kids at all. Infact he was a photographer before Travolta met him and made him the live-in boyfriend-------sorry, I mean live-in nanny ;-)


    He was probably doing the Horshack on Gabe Kaplan during the 80's


    I believe Travolta is gay, because of the kiss with pilot and many other clues, but why everyone thinks TOm Cruise is gay?


    And Kelly knows EVERYTHING. She's a Scientologist too, it's all arranged.


    I do love how "John Doe" calls himself 99% like this has anything to do with money. It's all about sex. I also find it HI-larious that he claims to not have put himself in that "inappropriate situation", like he was just hanging out, and Travolta grabbed his ass. He's a "masseur", code for whore. He's been groped before, and if he decides to keep working after Travolta settles, he'll get groped again. Then He'll just collect his $50 tip, and be on his way, or will he sue that guy too.

    Not saying that Travolta isn't wrong, just saying, this guy is a sex worker who recognized a celebrity that didn't want to be recognized.

    If he came out, he could be banging hotter guys for free who were just Danny Zucco fans.


    @SuzyQ: Right on the money. When someone drinks toilet water we dont say thats her business. We make noise until she stops because she can catch a disease and die. His wife must have terrible self esteem to believe his lies after everything.


    Travolta fans are so comical. It isnt just his business when hes forcing himself on unwilling men. It isnt just his business when his activities are all over the net for his kids to read.

    And it isnt just his business if his wife is an insecure delusional who exposes herself to AIDS. When women stay in physically abusive relationships, we dont say its his business when he beats her. Its same thing here. He could give her an incurable and fatal disease because she is gullible, greedy or crazy and we as a community have a duty to defend even the stupid and the crazy.


    Travolta looks kind of scary in that THG photo. DAMN!!!!!

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