John Edwards Verdict: Not Guilty on One of Six Counts, Mistrial Declared on Remaining Charges

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John Edwards was found not guilty on one of six counts in his campaign finance fraud trial today, with the jury hopelessly deadlocked on the remaining charges.

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    What he did was morally wrong. But not wrong to where money was spent on an unnecessary trial. Just think of the money this trial cost taxpayers!!!!! The judical system should be ashamed of themselves for spending money on a trial for a man we all got mad at because he cheated and lied to his dying wife. That right there was the basis behind this whole trial. And the cheater walked away. And i dont think he can bounce back like bill did. Hillary was strong and proved she could hold her hear up and go on the greater things. Elizabeth is no longer with us and john edwards will have that memory for the rest of his life.


    i am so happy he was found not gulity i just love john edwards he just maybe made a mistake and as far as hurting his children im pretty sure he loves his family and has sufferd a trmendous amount i dont believe he should go to prision!!!!! im happy for him!!!


    Everyone is missing the point it is not that he had an affair when his wife was dying (though that is really low) but that he stole money from his campaign to pay for it. As rich as he is he didn't need to use campaign funds for his affair and that is what is illegal.


    I'm not sure exactly what is the worst thing about this guy - that he cheated and lied to his ailing wife, that he hurt his children or that he pimped $$$ from an elderly woman with dementia onset to cover up an affair and a bastard child.


    And now he's pretending to be so humble and caring.


    Anyone dumb enough to believe him probably already owns swamp land in south Florida they got real cheap from an online realtor they've never even met.


    I agree. He is just way too goodlooking and handsome to ever have to go to prison.


    How much did this cost the tax payer's ? District Attorneys need to be held accountable when they prosecute a case in a court of law that
    is marginal at best for finding a conviction by a jury.


    Glad he was aquitted ! He isn't any different than millions of guys who have done the same thing. How about Clinton, Newt, among the famous. I am sure he most definately has and will from here on out pay the price. No way should he ever have gone to prison !


    I too, am also delighted that John Edwards has been acquitted. Now there will be book deals, movie rights, and I am sure we will see him on Dancing With The Stars. He is just so dreamy and handsome...he makes me feel all giddy inside.


    He is so very handsome, but a narcissistic, egotistical pretty boy who couldn't keep his tallywhacker in his pants during this wife's terminal illness. Funny how he doesn't look quite as good when you figure up all his character flaws.


    I am so THRILLED AND DELIGHTED that John Edwards has been acquitted. He is far too handsome and gorgeous to spend even one day in prison. Now he is a free man, and us ladies will be lining up to meet him. My dreams have been answered. I get all tingly inside just thinking about him.

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