Jessica Simpson Presents: Baby Maxwell Drew!

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Jessica Simpson, who became a first-time mother May 1, has debuted her baby daughter Maxwell Drew Simpson on the cover of People magazine.

Since she arrived, "life has completely changed," Jessica says. "From how I sleep to what I think about, Maxwell has definitely taken over everything!"

Here's mom and daughter looking beautiful on the cover:

Jessica Simpson, Baby

Simpson and Johnson gave People an exclusive interview, along with photos of little ball Maxi, who's inherited her mom's eyes and her dad's demeanor.

Recovering from surgery - she delivered via C-section - hasn't been easy, Jess says, and nursing, which she does throughout the day, is now "a full-on job."

Only 3-5 more years to go, according to attachment parenting proponents.

Still, she says, "It's the worst if I have to pump and give Eric a bottle to give her," says Simpson. "I miss holding her and having that closeness."

"We just stare at her all the time. We can't get enough!"

Nor can we. Go buy People for more cute photos!

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I agree with ehh!!! That kid will never need a halloween mask!!! And Jessica is a big fat pig! How sad!


Debbdogg mind your own business! Who are you to try and change what people think?! The. "baby " is still UGLY!!!


The " baby" is hideously ugly and fat and grotesque looking!!! Deal with it!!


IDK what people think, this is one UGLY baby!! Gosh, you would think Jessica Simpson would have a gorgeous baby! She def got the opposite. And who cares if people say and think a baby is ugly...It's the truth, deal with it.


Jessica's baby is so cute how can people judge how a newborn baby looks who cares its not ur baby its hers so grow up and start acting like ur age and not ur shoe size...


Jessica Simpson might want to consider hiring a cuter kid to pose with her in the pap pictures she arranges in the future. What an unfortunate looking baby.


What the heck is wrong with some people. Calling the baby ugly!! Get a life - oh, and maybe look in the mirror because it may be your own reflection you're looking at. Grow up!


Jessica Simp's baby is one ugly child.Let's hope that changes radically as she gets more age on her.


Two beautiful girls :) Congrats to Jessica!


What a bloody pork chop but then again her mom was pregs for 20 months

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