Jessica Sanchez vs. Jennifer Hudson: Who Sang It Better?

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Jessica Sanchez gets major points for showing confidence and taking risks this season on American Idol.

First, the singer covered Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You," as challenging a track as there could be for a contestant to attempt.

Then, last night, she went with "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going," the iconic single that essentially won Jennifer Hudson an Oscar in Dreamgirls. We've linked to Jessica's performance in this sentence, and we've posted Hudson's version below, and now we're asking:



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I'll go for Jessica! She sounded better than Jennifer's version. Another thing, she is more pleasing to watch on television.:P


To me Jessica Sanchez sang it better than Jennifer Hudson but there was one more previous idol singer who also sang it better than Jennifer Hudson (according to the judges panel then). Remember : Lakisha Jones ? So who was the best ?


Jessica sanchez could potentially TAP the ASIAN market of 4BILLION PEOPLE..


JESSICA's version is more pleasing to my ears...


i listened to a jennifer hudson's live performance on youtube, to make the comparison more comparable, because what you posted is a studio recording. Obviously jennifer's voice is more powerful, jessica's is likewise powerful (less) but there's also a sweetness to it. I like Jessica's version is better than jennifer's, it's more pleasing to my ears. I guess it's really subjective. Maybe the music experts can judge better.


I'm sure Jessica is so proud to compare with Hudson and vise versa. I believe that this great and wonderful song can only be done by people whose talent are truly a god gift. They both give justice and greatness degree of passion to their music. To the composer and to all the people behind the magical song "And I am telling you..." I can only say thank you for your brilliant idea and sharing it to the world. God bless of you, you make my day beautiful. Peace.


Jessica Sanchez is a great singer at the tender age of 16 but it' s ashame she knows it....she shows no compassion when the other idols are voted off just the one sad little tear . I can't compare Jen Hudson because there is no comparison...she is the better singer but she is older...I do think she did a Better job with the song because her voice starts out soft then she belts at the end. Jessica has control but I don't think her voice is so pretty.


It is not to fair eo compare a neuphite to a star but given the time and more exposure, Jessica could easily surpass Jennifer Hudson with her unbelievable talent.


Neither. They both suck imo. Everytime hudson's weight loss commercial comes on tv, it makes me grateful for the mute button.


We dont need to compare them..not just she sang the song j.hudson..jessica can shine in her own way.and j.hudson is already a star.