Jessica Sanchez vs. Jennifer Hudson: Who Sang It Better?

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Jessica Sanchez gets major points for showing confidence and taking risks this season on American Idol.

First, the singer covered Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You," as challenging a track as there could be for a contestant to attempt.

Then, last night, she went with "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going," the iconic single that essentially won Jennifer Hudson an Oscar in Dreamgirls. We've linked to Jessica's performance in this sentence, and we've posted Hudson's version below, and now we're asking:



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they're both good singers.


Jennifer and jessica so damn good.although jenny sang it in a movie its her voice and it rocked.i loved her end but shes more experienced.jesi was gud bt jeni is tight smashing


You can't compare them. Not a fair compotition. Jessica song the song live in front of a big audiance and Jnnifer son it on camera. To gt a fair opinion I'd have to see them both sing it live.


First off, you can not compare the two. They both blew that song out of the water, granite Jessica song was live on stage and Jennifer did it in a movie both were great. I don't think one is better then the other. Shyte, I would like to see a duet between the two singing any song now that would be awesome. But that's my opinion. Big Ups to Jennifer and Jessica Love Peace and Hair grease!!!


I think it is fair to say Jessica won't be singing it the same way if she were acting the Jennifer's role in this movie. Jennifer had to sing AND act with Jamie Foxx. Don't get me wrong, I am all for Jessica Sanchez but maybe the contest should be Jennifer Hudson just singing it on stage vs Jessica Sanchez singing it on stage too.


wow.... amazing performance, for me jessica is best contestant in s sisson 11 american idol


Jessica Sanchez's version is better. Hers is a cleaner version. the timing, the phrasing and the voice is excellent.
Jennifer also sounded great though. She's already a big star.


Jessica sanchez wins. She is clearly singing this live and infront of billions of people on tv. That is hard act.


Jennifer hudson's voice is great


Jessica is undoubtedly the best. In fact, it's the best live song, I've ever seen/heard sung. INCREDIBLE.

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