Jessica Sanchez: Screwed Over by New American Idol Contract

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Jessica Sanchez picked the wrong year to finish second on American Idol.

In the wake of this singer's loss to Phillip Phillips, an Associated Press report took a look into changes made to the season 11 contract for all contestants.

It states that this year's runner-up is only entitled to a "developmental" deal with 19 Recordings, something that could net Sanchez between $30,000-$60,000, depending on the number of single's commissioned by the label. This marks the first time in history the second-place finisher has not been awarded a guaranteed album and $175,000 advance.

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Yes, Jessica could still see that figure if 19 Records does order a CD; and she'll also bank $50,000 for all future Idol-sponsored public appearances.

But why the change in guarantees?

Because ratings for American Idol are down; a majority of albums from show finalists have not done well; and because the music industry overall has changed: in 2011, nearly 1.3 billion singles were purchased, while only 331 million albums were moved.

Phillips, meanwhile, received $300,000 and an album contract for winning.


thats just so fricking GAY! EVERYONE knows that Jessica deserved to win! but she didnt. Isnt obivous why she lost?!!
its because DISCRIMINATION! and even If she HAD more votes than Phillip, she still wouldve lost!
why watch American Idol is when all they do is cheat contestants votes???


It is over. It's a done deal! Why so sour? You want to Recount the votes? All of Miss Sanchez diehard fans should rally at Washington DC!


American Idol is not really a true family variety wholesome show , they will put many different
ethnicity /minorities among the top 12 finalists as to invite minorities to watch this rigged talent show so the rating will continue to its big rating not because all whites, blacks watch the show but because the other minorities of America (Latin and Asian) did watch it too because they see their faces in one of the finalists but at the the end, the Caucasian will take the trophy ( analyze this ; fox news is identified as republican and white voters, mostly country dudes WGWG are the winner, (in favor of fox channel )... So think about it, AI is somehow influence by the channel it is being shown ... Jessicas' defeat put this AI contest credibility in question...


Can't buy anymore of Jessica's songs off iTunes. Each is now, no longer available. Was only able to download 2 of Jessica's songs. What is going on?!.


For all Jessica Sanchez fans. I am now able to buy Jessica's songs individually off iTunes. I am still unable to buy her album. I have downloaded 2 of her songs so far.


I prefer Greg Holden's performance of "Home".


JLo said it herself after Jessica's performance of "I'm Telling You, I'm Not Going", which received a standing ovation, "After that performance, there's nothing to say. You just don't see that all the time and when I think of your contemporaries and you're one of the best". Randy Jackson said, "I don't know where you find the experience or the vocal chops, but you are phenomenal. Jessica's duet with Jennifer Holliday during the Finale received a standing ovation; an epic performance in American Idol history further solidifying Jessica Sanchez as a true artist and phenomenal vocalist. She more than held her own singing with Jennifer Holliday, a legend. No question who the true winner is and Jessica at 16, will continue to improve as she matures and become a legend in her own right.


Jessica's fans can't buy any of her songs off iTunes. I tried to buy her album and it did not work. I tried to buy her songs and each was no longer available. Once Jessica's fans are able to buy her songs, no doubt Jessica will surpass Phillip.


This is not fair! The AI winner should get at least $130,000 plus his album contract for winning, then the runner up will get at least a $100,000. I don't know how they calculated it , or maybe they only calculated it with their own favor! This is a horrible sense of discrimination!


I wish Jessica would have won. She didn't and that is unfortunate. Basically that 3rd song did her in. Phillip did a great job with a very catchy song. Jessica did ok with a really awful song. Don't know why she picked it, or if she even did, but that's why I think she finished 2nd. Not a bad thing in any case. AI was great this year. Really good talent. Philip

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