Jessica Sanchez: Screwed Over by New American Idol Contract

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Jessica Sanchez picked the wrong year to finish second on American Idol.

In the wake of this singer's loss to Phillip Phillips, an Associated Press report took a look into changes made to the season 11 contract for all contestants.

It states that this year's runner-up is only entitled to a "developmental" deal with 19 Recordings, something that could net Sanchez between $30,000-$60,000, depending on the number of single's commissioned by the label. This marks the first time in history the second-place finisher has not been awarded a guaranteed album and $175,000 advance.

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Yes, Jessica could still see that figure if 19 Records does order a CD; and she'll also bank $50,000 for all future Idol-sponsored public appearances.

But why the change in guarantees?

Because ratings for American Idol are down; a majority of albums from show finalists have not done well; and because the music industry overall has changed: in 2011, nearly 1.3 billion singles were purchased, while only 331 million albums were moved.

Phillips, meanwhile, received $300,000 and an album contract for winning.


My goodness people, enough of the conspiracy theory and the hatred. Most likely Jessica didn't win because of the voting system on AI, that's all. It would only look that Jessica's bluejays are bitter because she didn't get to win. So let us all stop it and let us just unite to support Jessica. The best thing to prove her "winning form" is to buy her CDs people !!!


you can now buy jessicas ep at walmart dot com, it is a real cd, do your part and spread the word and support her, she is currently eight on all cd sales and phillip is 32th, so this proves who should actually have won, since walmart does not block downloads


iTunes is back to their fishy business. I can't download anymore of Jessica's songs, "the item you tried to buy is no longer available". This is getting so old. It's useless contacting iTunes. Problem with my internet connection my a__. Phillips Topping the Billboard Charts is meaningless when Jessica's fans can't buy her songs. This just so wrong.


I contacted iTunes yesterday. Problem with my Internet connection my a__. I successfully bought and downloaded a Beyonce song off iTunes immediately after, affirming there is no problem with my Internet connection. The problem was only in buying Jessica's songs. Today I was able to successfully buy and download Jessica's songs. I hope more of her fans will be able to buy her songs. Can't stand the fishy business going on at iTunes.


AI ,is it a voice or the type of song?


JS blocking success strategy theory.


Yeah...why did Fox never show the figures of the text results? To hide whom they wanted to leave the competition or whom they wanted to win?...Why is it that Jessica's fans can't download her songs on iTunes? So the public will think that her "journey to the finale" songs are not selling not like Philip's? JWBrand (comments #49, #50, and #51) were so right on your opinion. Very well said.


The way to hell is hatred.


Whoever made this review, you go to hell!


AI is over. And even as JS did not win, I don't see JS at the losing end and used by AI. On the other hand it all went well according to her plan. AI is just her stepping stone towards achieving her dreams. And it's going very well for her . She doesn't need AI title which only lasts for a year. She has from the beginning all she needs: her God-given Talent and the love of her Fans in Millions. Go JS!!!

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