Jessica Sanchez: Screwed Over by New American Idol Contract

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Jessica Sanchez picked the wrong year to finish second on American Idol.

In the wake of this singer's loss to Phillip Phillips, an Associated Press report took a look into changes made to the season 11 contract for all contestants.

It states that this year's runner-up is only entitled to a "developmental" deal with 19 Recordings, something that could net Sanchez between $30,000-$60,000, depending on the number of single's commissioned by the label. This marks the first time in history the second-place finisher has not been awarded a guaranteed album and $175,000 advance.

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Yes, Jessica could still see that figure if 19 Records does order a CD; and she'll also bank $50,000 for all future Idol-sponsored public appearances.

But why the change in guarantees?

Because ratings for American Idol are down; a majority of albums from show finalists have not done well; and because the music industry overall has changed: in 2011, nearly 1.3 billion singles were purchased, while only 331 million albums were moved.

Phillips, meanwhile, received $300,000 and an album contract for winning.


THAT's CORRECT>>>>>WHATEVER WE SAY ITS ALREADY DONE.... We will just support Jessica for her to have a successful album...


Blame it on the lil teenage girls voting for the «cute» boy who sucks over the BEST SINGER EVER ON AMERICAN IDOL.... for realz people!


jessica should have one the show is not fair it should be about singing not popular looks, my nnot watch. no more idlol last year pia toscano shouid have one all boys not fair .they lost me sherry and dylan brooke matt russ..


jessica should have one me and whole fam are not watching next year.american idolis not fair philp is not tat great . average last yr pia tatsno should have one.


Everyone knows that Jessica was set up. Only because she is not white. But she is the best singer in united states.


Jessica should have won were AI an actual singing contest. Sure, Phil Phillips is cute and he sings alright but he's just another guy with a guitar. Fifth year in a row a white guy with a guitar wins - America, you're sabotaging your own show.


Jessica Sanchez does not look like American however you look at her. Ergo, there's no chance Americans will vote for Jessica Sanchez to be the American Idol.


I'm so sad to learn AI contracts for season 11 top 11 contestants. Good luck and do your best. Jessica, just do your best. God Bless You(",)


The show is over and done. I wish both Jessica and Phillip a successful career. As far as the music, it is a preference. Not everybody likes soul music/Jessica and not everybody likes Phillip's music. Both are unique and I happen to like both. God made them just like he wanted them to be. :)


i love your u and your music jessica sanchez !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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