Jeremy Britt Wins The Biggest Loser!

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The Biggest Loser: No Excuses was a season full of unexpected twists and turns ... but, well, few excuses. At the end of the day, the final three stepped on the scale.

With Mark Cornelison and Buddy Shuh, who quit just before the finals, and Joe Messina, who quit earlier in the season, ineligible, the field was narrowed a bit.

In their absence, fan favorites Chism Cornelison, Emily Joy and Cassandra Sturros took to the stage with 11 other contestants to show off their new figures.

That was for the at-home prize of $100,000.

Jeremy Britt, Biggest Loser
Jeremy Britt, The Biggest Loser

Mike Messina won the at-home prize by losing a total of 160 lbs., or 44.69 percent of his body weight. He beat out Cassandra Sturos (who lost 92 lbs., or 38.49 percent) and her friend Emily Joy (who lost 102 lbs. lost, or 38.64 percent).

The grand prize came down to single mom Conda Britt, 24, her brother Jeremy Britt, 22, and former pro-wrestler Kim Nielsen, 38. The weigh-in results:

  • Conda went from 294 lbs. to 179, a loss of 115, or 39.12 percent of her body.
  • Kim went from 252 lbs. to 134, a total weight loss of 118 or 46.83 percent.
  • Jeremy went from 389 lbs. to 190 for a weight loss of a whopping 199, which is 51.16 percent of his previous body weight.

That makes Jeremy Britt, who is now half the man he used to be, but only literally, the winner of The Biggest Loser and $250,000! Well done man!


Not one person deserved to win. They were all whiny brats. Conda was just plain evil. All she did was complain, back stab and manipulate her way through. The trainers should have done something. Jillian would have confronted her. I actually stopped watching because of her.


umm not so much. happy he got healthy and his obnoxious sister too.. but he was kind of an immature twit. Now he is an immature RICH twit! Good luck with that dude.




I bet he shares it with Conda. He bent over backwards during the game to help his spoiled brat of a sister.


Would have loved for Kim to win she was so hot and worked her ass off saying that just glad Conda didn't win


So glad he won, such a sweetie. Not sure how he turned out so well with a sister like that.

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