Jennifer Lopez Leaving American Idol, Sources Say

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While Jennifer Lopez has publicly said she has yet to make a decision about her future, numerous sources say she's all but officially leaving American Idol.

Having just been ranked as Forbes' most powerful celebrity in large part because Idol revitalized her career, J. Lo may be ready to take her talents elsewhere.

"She's just too busy," one source said, and with a tour with Enrique Iglesias kicking off this summer, with plans to go worldwide in the fall, there's no doubting that.

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If nothing else, the next round of Idol auditions would begin while she's overseas, and all that time away from her kids is said to be wearing on her too.

"It is just like any working mom's dilemma," Lopez, who can also been seen in What to Expect When You're Expecting, told E! News this week.

"It's tough. You put them first and then you have all these other things that you have to do, and you have to make sure that they're OK. It's a balancing act."

One that may cause her to ride off into the sunset ... but not if Fox has its way. A network source said, "Fox does not want to let her go. They love her."

Enough to double her $20 million salary to keep her? Stay tuned.



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I don't see what people get out of talking shit. Jennifer is an amazing actress, judge and mother. Because if she wasn't then she she would just settle for what they want to give her and not what she wants. She has put her time in this business to ask for what she wants. That's why she left!!!!!!!


J-Lo has one thing going for her now. That is her: Shaking her ASSets! J-Lo is a bad judge however she not Paula bad. But, she uses idol to promote her newest, sound-the-same, lousy, shake-my-ass routine on stage. And FOX pays her 20 Million to judge Idol? Are you kidding? I think for 20 Million I could find someone who actually knows something about music. Without someone who is not concerned about losing fans and giving straight, un-bias, honest commentary Idol is going to continue to suck. I would rather see Jimmy as a judge than J-Lo. Jimmy is straight and does not care about losing fans.J-Lo is got to go!


Love JLo. I think she's great! I don't think she's cut out to be a judge or mentor. She is too transparent with who she likes and who she doesn't. She doesn't give criticism, she just gushes about what she likes about each person. I think that in the end the contestants need someone who will push them, not someone who just "gets goosies"


J Lo - She's still Jenny from the block, "she used to have a little, now she got a lot" . I love the part she plays on American Idol. I wish her all the best in whatever she wants to do ; she has a good heart and many talents.


I realize that she is very busy but I enjoy her on Idol. Hope she can make it all work and have lots more family time.


Maybe is better if she is leaving from this show cause her kids need more attention,i don t wonna judge her at all,no ofense,but she too busy(i think)and also she need relaxing times.i don t care what she is doing


I really won't care if she leaves, but doesn't it seem she's forgotten that Idol is the only reason she's in the spotlight again? Nobody gave a flip about her until she came to Idol, and now she thinks she's too good for it.


Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. Albert Einstein
Perhaps those of you swapping venom and small mindedness about JLo's success could try to incorporate maybe 5 percent of her graciousness, kindness, sincerity and giving nature into your lives. After listening to your complaints about her, it sounds like you all could sorely use it! If you all hate her that much, TURN YOUR TV'S OFF!


She IS doing too much!
I bet her kids NEVER see her
and that is a shame.
Maybe Mark should seek full custody.
I bet that would get her attention to slow down. I, for one, am tired of hearing about her.

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