Jenelle Evans Tweets Bikini Pic, Flaunts New Boobs, Denies Pregnancy Rumors

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Jenelle Evans is definitely not pregnant.

Despite rampant rumors flying in celebrity gossip circles, she proved as much with a smoking hot bikini pic. And by saying she's not pregnant. Or fat.

The Teen Mom 2 star, who recently got a boob job and got engaged to Gary Head (just a week after re-breaking up with Kieffer Delp), does have a new bathing suit she'd LOVE to model for you, though. Admit it, you've been fantasizing about this:

Jenelle Evans Bikini Photo

Just so there is NO doubt about the status of her womb:

"No I'm not pregnant again," the 20-year-old mother of poor Jace tweeted. "No I'm not fat. Check out my new bathing suit. :) I love it. SO BRIGHT!"

Not so bright? Jenelle Evans.

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i agree with @melody shes needs a lobotomy. shes a horrible disgrace of a mother and needs to rot in hell. the day her baby permanently gets taken away from her i'll laugh


Lol! Forget the boob job jenelle needs a lebotomy horrid mother!


Thats really sad that u used that money for a boob job instead of putting it in an account for the little one...u r a sad mother... ur the reason we get bashed...and get bad names...


This is amazing to me! I was 15 yrs old on probation with a warrant for my arrest when I had my first child I never got him takin away from me I change my whole life for my son. So for bitches to act like they got it hard is some bullshit! I could pretend my life is hard too if pay me enough


Ok let me get this right.... This show is "suppose" to show how hard it is being a teen mom, but yet, the cast members can afford shit like this? Wowwwwwwww I had my first daughter as a teen and til this day, im still fucking struggling. I have medical problems I wish I could afford to have fixed but can't. I have times when I have to let my car insurance lapse to put food in my house for my freaking child. These girls don't know really how hard it is and when young ladies see this show they say, oh, I can have a baby and have plastic surgery and be famous just like them. I wish this show would get bannned because its making a mockery of the real teen moms struggling and setting bad and negative examples for the teens watching who wants the fame these girls have. Smh


>Is able to afford a boob job
>can not get custody of her own child
I don't know michelle, she seems like a shit mom to me? Are the boobs paying for jace's college? *GASP* no they are not! :0 ( shes a joke, just like the people who praise her).


stop hating jenelle u look good gurl all those other people are haters they are just jealous dont listen to them ur a good mom keep it up


Is it me or do both boobs look different sizes????? Chick is a 7 if im drunk, 6 bc she has a kid!


Get your UgLy FaCe done ASAP


That money should be for her young son who she's been an absent mother to. #priorities