Jenelle Evans Nude Photos Leaked, Show Star Before and After Plastic Surgery

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Jenelle Evans recently went under the knife to enhance her breasts, and in the process, posed nude for a series of before and after photos.

Which have obviously made their way online.

The 20-year-old Teen Mom 2 star has been stoked about her new chest from the start, and certainly appears to be in the leaked pictures.

Jenelle Evans Head Shot

"She likes them," a source close to Jenelle says about her fake boobs, which can be seen with surgical gauze still underneath them in some pics.

"She is really happy, but she thinks they're lopsided."

Maybe so, but she looks fresh faced and happy in the images. That alone is noteworthy from the normally brooding, sudden, violent reality star.

Jenelle had the surgery done near her home in Oak Island, N.C., and Jenelle Evans' boob job reportedly set her back around $5,000, reports say.

Follow this link and check out the uncensored pics at Radar Online (NSFW). Or follow the jump for a censored version that gets the point across:

Jenelle Evans Nude

Yup. There they are. Jenelle Evans' breasts in all their glory. Hey, at least she's happy ... at least until she realizes someone put these on the web.


I Dont like her she is a bad mom hate her so much


How do you even know it's Keiffer? Sounds like you get high so much you could have posed for any dude. I feel so sorry for you're son because 1 day mark my words, he will goggle you and he's not going to be very happy. You and my neice could be twins you both lie like rugs, do drugs and always pick men over there sons.


thts nt kewl keiffer one day i will take a pixx of ur penis put ot on d inter net nd shrinkit u fkkn btch.....


They do not look right at all!!!! And her face looks like she's had some work done too, and not in a good way


She is low rent, and there are millions like her, looking up to her. Who gives a damn what her breasts "look" like or even "looked" like. You can see bare breasts everywhere now, and they are one hell of alot nicer than hers. Why do you care about these little flea bite bumps. What do you suppose will happen when everyone wakes up realizes she has no talent at all? People, wake up and find something better to do than occupy your time than waste it on this crap!


She still looks disgusting


Jenelle is definitely a whore who doesnt give a shit about her son she seriously needs a wake up call


If girls would stop being sluts and going out screwing ever dude at an early age people like this wouldn't exsist its a shame that people has made being a whore cool


Its sad to see how these teen moms can get brand new stuff; phones, cars etc. & also boob jobs. im a teen mother im 19 now had my son at 17 & struggling to get to work when i can & so i can get a car & place of my own. i wish the could see the reality of having a child it has nothin to do with yourself anymore its about your child & everything you do effects them in some way if not today but in the future. im a proud mom & take nothing for granted


So I am not even commenting on the story. I am commenting on what Rod said. �A future participate in the Obama Health Care Plan�... Please explain.

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