Jenelle Evans Nude Photos Leaked, Show Star Before and After Plastic Surgery

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Jenelle Evans recently went under the knife to enhance her breasts, and in the process, posed nude for a series of before and after photos.

Which have obviously made their way online.

The 20-year-old Teen Mom 2 star has been stoked about her new chest from the start, and certainly appears to be in the leaked pictures.

Jenelle Evans Head Shot

"She likes them," a source close to Jenelle says about her fake boobs, which can be seen with surgical gauze still underneath them in some pics.

"She is really happy, but she thinks they're lopsided."

Maybe so, but she looks fresh faced and happy in the images. That alone is noteworthy from the normally brooding, sudden, violent reality star.

Jenelle had the surgery done near her home in Oak Island, N.C., and Jenelle Evans' boob job reportedly set her back around $5,000, reports say.

Follow this link and check out the uncensored pics at Radar Online (NSFW). Or follow the jump for a censored version that gets the point across:

Jenelle Evans Nude

Yup. There they are. Jenelle Evans' breasts in all their glory. Hey, at least she's happy ... at least until she realizes someone put these on the web.


she may think shes gorwn up, but i dnt think she has. she should of spent that money on her son, like a realy mother would. in one of her 1st episods she says " i wont be like thoes other moms. leaving their kids with their moms and going to party." some where along thoes lines. but she lost herself after he son was born. and needs to get back to that girl siting on the beach with her son in her belly talking about what she wants to do for him and not for herself. her son dont need her. she needs her son. shes came a long way and i hope she keeps it up. every child diserves a loving home with his or her family. not a dismanteld one.but if she works hard enough im suer she will be a good mom. just keep it up and do ur best. you cant give up when it gets tough. good luck


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