Jenelle Evans: Engaged to Gary Head!

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Jenelle Evans is engaged. Seriously. She broke the news herself on Twitter.

The "lucky" man is Gary Head, who she dumped and dedicated this hilariously angry video to just a couple of weeks ago! How quickly times change!

No word on when theyeven  got back together, but the troubled Teen Mom 2 star revealed that she and Gary are getting married this morning.

Jenelle Evans and Gary Head

Jenelle Evans posted a photo of the engagement ring from Head, with the message "I'm the luckiest girl in the world to have @gary_head in my life."

Details are few and far between so far, though Jenelle has re-tweeted a bunch of people reporting that the two are engaged, so that sort of proves it.

She also replied to a follower who asked if Gary Head got the ring from a gumball machine - nicely played, follower - with a simple "no he def didn't."

The engagement comes out of virtually nowhere, as she and bad boy ex Kieffer Delp were back together when she had her boob job ... this month.

Jenelle Evans' Engagement Ring

Kieffer's apparently out of the picture again, though, leaving Gary Head to see Jenelle Evans nude for the rest of their lives ... or at least probably May.

What do you think? Is she ready to get her act together, settle down and live a quiet, productive life? How long will the engagement last? Comment below!


@ Laura- So True!


Getting divorced is totally different than just fooling around with guys and having babies without any commitment. These girls think sleeping around is OK, and they bring innocent babies into this world that deserve better than some trampy little girl raising them. Women who marry idiots And get divorced don't deserve to be in the same category as teen moms.


These comments on here are reflective of taking a subject and painting it with a broad brush and including every single mom out there the same. This article is about Jenelle and how she is acting as a single mom - and she is not dealing with it very in a responsible way at all. She is one messed up teen who needs to grow up and quickly. The last thing she needed with all her problems was to have men in her life to further complicate it. But she seems to think being married is the key to all of her happiness as do a lot of teens. But please people - until you have walked a mile in a *single mom's* shoes and know all the details of their life dont lump us all together okay.


First and foremost, why is everyone on here bringing one another down?! I myself married my husband WHOM takes care of his 2 sons, and guess what????? I'm the only mother these boys have ever had. Now, I will say this, people do make mistakes. We all for perfection? There's the strive for it, but as a human don't exist! Quit hating and being nasty about a girl who is a teen mom that got pregnant and made mistakes...I know people heck of a lot older who have made worse.....I'm sure


Wow, I don't agree with janelle's opinions but for people like michelle and Laura you have no right to categorize every single mom the same. My mom was married and did the right thing and had kids and got screwed over by my dad so yeah stop judging everyone the same. A lot of people agree that janelle makes bad choices but it doesn't affect your life one bit so don't make such negative comments on a subject you clearly know NOTHING about! Go back to your "fairy tale" lives and I pray your kids don't become teen moms and have to deal with you for parents. Have a nice day


@ michelle how f in dare u being a single parent is not by choice nor does it make u a bad parent janelle is a bad parent because shes selfish by choice not because shes single stop putting every single parent in the same catagory as her u should b ashamed of ur self


With all due respect for your loss, Single Mom, I believe these bloggers are referring to teens with no husband! They are obviously the ones who need to keep their legs shut! I think it goes without saying.


Really?? Michelle and Laura, you are two of the most ignorant people I have ever seen in my life. I am a single mother, and not by choice. My husband gave his life for this county fighting for your right to be a judgemental ignorant self serving hateful person. How does that fit in with 'keep your legs legs closed until you get married?' I did that, and now I have to deal with judgemental women like you for the rest of my life, because you are entitled to a freedom you are too ignorant to appreciate.


@ Laura-WELL SAID!!!!!!! Of course it's in one ear and out the other! No accountability on either side- Boy or Girl and God Forbid we hear one succes story about a 16 year old having a kid!


Being a single mom is the first selfish thing they do. They should wait until they are in a loving marriage before bringing kids into the world. Keep your legs closed until you get married and you won't have to worry about being a single mom.

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