Jenelle Evans: Engaged to Gary Head!

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Jenelle Evans is engaged. Seriously. She broke the news herself on Twitter.

The "lucky" man is Gary Head, who she dumped and dedicated this hilariously angry video to just a couple of weeks ago! How quickly times change!

No word on when theyeven  got back together, but the troubled Teen Mom 2 star revealed that she and Gary are getting married this morning.

Jenelle Evans and Gary Head

Jenelle Evans posted a photo of the engagement ring from Head, with the message "I'm the luckiest girl in the world to have @gary_head in my life."

Details are few and far between so far, though Jenelle has re-tweeted a bunch of people reporting that the two are engaged, so that sort of proves it.

She also replied to a follower who asked if Gary Head got the ring from a gumball machine - nicely played, follower - with a simple "no he def didn't."

The engagement comes out of virtually nowhere, as she and bad boy ex Kieffer Delp were back together when she had her boob job ... this month.

Jenelle Evans' Engagement Ring

Kieffer's apparently out of the picture again, though, leaving Gary Head to see Jenelle Evans nude for the rest of their lives ... or at least probably May.

What do you think? Is she ready to get her act together, settle down and live a quiet, productive life? How long will the engagement last? Comment below!


This site should be ashamed of themselves for even posting stories about any of the fools on teen Mom......just a bunch of pathetic wannabe celebrities.


get a life you need to open your eyes your not a baby no more act like a mother and a women better off good luck as a


It's already off.


do it mater she aint gone change janelle is for janelle


Robyn I agree with you, people do make mistakes and i hate when people hate on there people y dnt u put urself n her shoes for a day then u got something to say!!!!


I alsohad a problem with marijuana my mom got custody of my daughter which sent me n a downward spiral I got into worse things I found out I was pg again by another man we got married when I had my son it was a wake up call I choose to straighten up 4 yrs later I have 3 kids now I'm still married and I'm clean just because she has made mistakes she is only human and she is so young she has time to learn change and grow I believe she will


i think this may be a good change in her life no one can judge until they still what happens she could change her life and get jace back and be a great mother


First of all this goes to everyone,we all now that jennelle is making no good choices in her life she is a bad parent she wont change for jace she needs to stop dating guys nd focus on her future with jace.I was pregnant at the age of 16 nd I was scared of what I've done but me nd my baby's father are living our life good I'm in college nd he's working I'm studying hard for my baby girl so she could have what I didn't nobody should be talking bad u don't now what she did she only now's.....


In one child and her last child was the result of her tubal ligation failing. My sister dedicates her life to her kids so for people like Michelle to speak out of shear ignorance without knowing someones personal circumstances makes me hope people like that are the ones who dont procreate. Get a clue, educate yourself and realize that had Jenelle grown up in a better environment than she did with the mother she had, she might not be in this situation. She needs help not judgement and ridicule. Compassion and understanding go along way. Just remember that.


****continued***** and not because I was a selfish whore. I have been fortunate but not everyone is as lucky. My sister is the aingle mom of 3 kids who all have different dads, but she is not a whore and she Ian thwarting hardest working woman I know. Her oldest daughters father died at 30 years old from a massive heart attack. It was beyond her control. Years later she had a failed marriage result

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