Jenelle Evans, Boobs Head Home From Hospital

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Fresh off her successful boob job, troubled Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans arrived home from the hospital in Oak Island, N.C., over the weekend.

The 20-year-old's mother BAHBWAH is taking care of her son Jace, of course, while she tends to more important matters such as larger breasts.

Let's hope that in the years ahead, the train wreck does a better job retaining custody of her two girls ... if you know what we're talking about!

Kieffer Delp, Jenelle Evans

Jenelle, who split with boyfriend Gary Head in early April, is relying on her on-off beau Kieffer Delp during her recovery from plastic surgery.

"Thank you so much for being there for me today and everyday," she told him over Twitter. "You are always there when I need the most!"

Truly, if anyone can be called reliable and supportive, it would be Kieffer Delp. The man is one step away from boyfriend sainthood honestly.

The MTV star says her new boobs are the "perfect size." No idea if Kieff agrees, but here are some more pics of Jenelle, including bikini photos:

Kieffer Delp Pic
Jenelle Evans' Boob Job
Jenelle Evans Gets Plastic Surgery
Jenelle Evans Before Boob Job
Jenelle and Kieffer Photo

It's not a man's fault if a woman wants to slice up her own body for the sake of vanity--give me a break. That is so dumb. If that were the case, you'd see all women with plastic surgery, instead of a handful of few idiots. And like a pp said? Besides, not even all men like that crap. My BF HATES HATES HATES fake titties. And if I were a man, I would, too. Who would like all that stuff other than a self-centered, shallow woman? Why would it be anyone else's fault? You can't blame others for your own dumb decisions. That's life, suck it up. You are just being a man-hater. Besides, woman want things out of men, too. Why do you think there are so many male-enhancement pills on the market? But even still, it is not a woman's fault if a man decides to take that crap, just his own insecurities driving his decisions. I agree, you are a feminist retard.


So what who cares about that SLUT


No one will buy the cow as long as the milk is free. Women have got to have some morals and character. Boys are Boys and they will take what they can get. We are living in an instant gratification world and the youth knows nothing about waiting. They screw up their life before age 21 and act like they have 8 more lives to live. Me? If I was single- give me a 5 on a scale of 1-10 and a trustworthy woman- Damn the rest. No one wants a " picked over trashy person". No one! They will screw them but that's it! No commitment !


@Steffan I must say I agree with you. My point was to underscore why I think these young women do this. Let's face it...some men love the re-makes. If that wasn't true? You wouldn't have so much of this type of surgery going on. You're right about young people today. I just wish more men--young, middle-aged, and old had the balls to come out and say, "I love a woman for what is inside!"


@Personal responsibility....Excuse me? I haven't done what this little gal has done. No mistakes of this nature here. I've offered a commentary on what I see as the root cause of this trend toward plastic surgery. I'm sorry my seemingly uncomplicated view went over the top of your head!


Someone is a feminist retard. People like you are scum. Its everyones fault and mostly the woman's, you don't see men getting tighter pants to show off there crotch or butt! Women use their figures to get what they want, besides not all men like fake boobs, i've yet to meet one person who prefers fake over real. So get your feminist had out of your tight ass!


@wynona- if a womans main objective is to change her body in order to get attention for ANY MAN-she is already screwed.This generation as a whole has no self Asteem- no shame or standards - no Accountabilty and they don't want to be responsible. This little useless shit has a kid and she wants new tits? Are you kidding me? She is no more of a celebrity than I am. She is an attraction on the Tube so others can watch and say- AT LEAST MY KID IS NOT AS SCREWED UP AS HER! What a Joke this is!


Do you tend to blame others for your own mistakes?


Keep in mind, girls, this IS the 21st Century and plastic surgery is practically the norm for Hollywood celebs, so I'm not surprised! I blame society, especially the "male" end of it. They crave physical perfection. Big t*ts, shapely butts, and perfect figures...flawless faces, so these celeb women go after it attempting to live up to that ideal. Where are the men who can love a woman for who and what she is "inside"? Those fellas are the only ones worth paying any attention to! Do they still make that style of man or did they break the mold and toss it! If men could see women more as the individuals they are rather than things to be compared and critiqued maybe the inclination toward all this plastic surgery would wane and finally become a thing of the past. Instead? You men are such scathingly critical visual creatures! Shame on you!!!


Uck. Normally I support gals getting implants....just not this one. Serious. Issues.

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