Jenelle Evans Boob Job Pic: All Riiiiiight!

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Troubled Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans has made good on her threat to get fake boobs, and boy is she psyched about it from the looks of this Twitter pic.

One of the reality star's best friends shared a photo from inside the plastic surgeon's office this morning, with Jenelle right about to go under the knife.

The caption: "Ready to go and get new boobies!!!!"

Words to live by, people. Words to live by.

Jenelle Evans Gets Plastic Surgery

Thumbs up for a new rack! Woo hoo!!

While Jenelle hasn't said much about her decision to undergo surgery, E! said last month that she simply "got tired of having small breasts" and after much deliberation, "decided on a full 'C' cup because she does not want to go too big."

That's a relief.

No word on whether Kieffer Delp is psyched about the new merchandise, or when we can expect revealing pics of the new C-cups on Twitter. Knowing @PBandJenelly_1, we would guess within a couple of weeks at the latest.


Ur so irrelevant for real instead of taking care of ur child nd get ur life together for jace u make stupid decisions jenelle ur a hoe u don't deserve ur son .....


White trash ho with fake boobs--i feel sorry 4 her


It's very sad to see other teen mom's struggle to be a young mom. I myself am one and every decision I make, I make sure to consider my daughter and how it'll affect her. Point being she should of considered trying to get custody of jace not getting a Damn boob job!


OMG can she get anymore crass? Should have had the big boob between her shoulders worked on, maybe she then would be able to make a rational decision our two. But then again she has hooked back up with the biggest boob on the show. I think that qualifies as much more than a full C cup.


This only shows how vain and irresponsible she is.


Where is this girl's priorities?!?! You can't take care of your own son but you can get a boob job? You should be evaluated and committed

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