Jay-Z Praises President Obama, Says Opposing Gay Marriage is Discrimination

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Jay-Z says he strongly agrees with President Obama's support of same-sex marriage, equating opposition to gay equality with discrimination.

In a recent interview with CNN, the rapper said he believed supporting gay marriage, as Obama did last week, was "the right thing to do."

“I’ve always thought it as something that was still holding the country back,” Jay-Z said, referencing the fact that it's not recognized nationwide.

“What people do in their own homes is their business and you love whoever you love. That’s their business. It's no different than discriminating against blacks."

"It’s discrimination plain and simple.”

In Philadelphia to announce a two-day music festival in early September, Jay-Z sat down with CNN's Poppy Harlow to chat about broader issues.

Asked if he felt Obama, dubbed the first gay president by Newsweek, could be hurt politically by this, the music mogul and new father shrugged.

"It's really not about votes," he said. "It's about people."

Jay also said he sees America's moribund economy as an opportunity: "You know, for a long time, you know, we had it pretty good in America," he said.

"We were floating on this high. Well, we were hiding some of the troubles that we were going through. So, I just see this as a test of our character."

"I think we'll get there and we test the resolve of Americans. Just to remind us that we have that fight. We haven't had such a fight since the Great Depression."


I wish jay-z would pull his pants up on hisself,maybe all the guys would do it to. The rappers started wearing their pants down to show their underwear,that's why people feel like the black guys are hoodlums and gangsters. How can they exspect to get a job? They need to dress properly.i wonder if jay-z is gonna walk around showing his daughter his underwear?


Hahahaha it seems more like the same person making those comments about me. Ahh yes I am a troll because I stated my opinion just as you all are. And because I pointed out flaws in a comment. Looks like everyone on here is a troll then huh? That makes a whole lot of sense


so it seems that a rapper is one to decide what is discrimination or not? what an enchanted moment! what a break from " MY HO MY BITCH" or parading around holding private parts! one doesn't have to look far and see why this country is in the fix it is in.


Gotta love a no-talent rapper who somehow feels the need to get on a soapbox and call people biggots,haters and homophobes.This dude looks like he fell from the ugly tree.He should consider himself lucky that ANY chick found him appealing otherwise he'd be mopping the high school gymnasium floor and/or selling dope.Im barok Obongo and i support this message!


Continued.- Instead of looking like Haters! Well.... Thank God people are waking up and his Bullshit is being seen for what it is! Holder will continue to play the Race Card for Obama! Time is up! It's time to clear the Oval Office of mind games! A Rapper? Didn't he use to sell Drugs? Educated someone says? Yeah! Educated in munipulating!


I see Obamia has made another trip to " The Veiw"? I'm guessing that is the place a person has to " Tune into" since this Administration doesn't carry the weekly Radio Broadcast any longer! Actually Gays/ You've picked an in opportune time to ask for something ( Marriage) that you know damn good and well your not going to get. Most of civilized American is trying to save this country from
Implosion! Obama once again plays the sympathy card in hopes of collecting votes! Only this time it's not about just one Race! He is hoping to " GUILT" the Public into voting for him instead of l


No kidding! A Rapper along side of a Black President- who would have ever guessed! Meanwhile the Gays grab all the can get! Courtney - you know damn well this was nothing but a political move Obama made! What you must understand its open season on the white moral stance people! If its not " Race Crime" Zimmerman its gays wanting what they think is their right to marry! Wake up WHITE AMERICA!


@Leppermax- Courtney is a Troll! She can't make her mind what stand she will take but In reality she is an Obama girl.


Yes- Anything with a black involved Is Discrimination! It always is! Anything Obama says he will have his sheep behind him.


@Bubblygum, for equal rights for ALL. I completely agree with the rest you have said. It's about votes and Obama would say ANYTHING! I feel this hurt him in the polls.

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