Jason Biggs, Wife Parody Time Breastfeeding Cover

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The already-infamous Time Magazine breastfeeding cover has sparked controversy, worldwide debate, and now this ridiculous photo from Jason Biggs.

The American Reunion star and his wife, Jenny Mollen, posed up for a picture to parody the shot, with Biggs sharing the image on his Twitter page.

Mollen emulated the pose of Time cover model Jamie Lynne Grumet. The Time cover story, on attachment parenting, asked: Are you mom enough?

Biggs shared the picture with the caption: "Are you wife enough?"

Jason Biggs and Jenny Mollen

Biggs' parody, while by far the most absurd, isn't the only celebrity reaction to the cover story and subject everybody seems to be talking about.

Actress Alyssa Milano, who's been very vocal in the past about her beliefs surrounding breastfeeding, wrote on her Twitter page: "@Time, no! You missed the mark! You're supposed to be making it easier for breastfeeding moms."

"Your cover is exploitive & extreme."

Model Joanne Krupa, never one to mince words, added: 'Time magazine cover is disturbing! Breast feeding a 3yr old is wrong! What's wrong w ppl!'

However, The Big Bang Theory star Mayim Bialik said that while she disagreed with the photo itself, Jamie Lynne Grumet's story was inspiring.

Attachment Parenting Time Cover

What do you think of "attachment parenting"?


Well, Fred...BCL's been humbled into silnece.What is it with these trailer trash thinking a prank you told everyone about is some noteworthy outrage? It's not like BCL's being sued for libel or anything.


Apparently, ignorance is bliss. Breastfeeding in NEVER a sexual act between mother and child (I'm sure there are some exception just like daddies never touch their daughters inappropriately). Nursing is a quiet bonding moment where you HAVE to stop and care for your child. What's perverted is giving a baby a bottle in his car seat and letting him "self soothes". Of course Jason and his wife are foolish and ridiculous for posting such a picture. Time screwed up by not showing what a real extended nursing relationship between mom and child is. Human milk is MAGICAL. It cures ailments, scratches, cuts, sunburns, prevents juvenile diabetes, cancers, calms a restless child, heals all hurts. I would nurse until my sons are married if I knew it would help their immune system and prevent cancer. Wouldn't you?


"Good fodder for parody"? Whatever happened to people who care enough to call out idiocy for what it is? We used to not suffer fools in this country so easily. Nowadays, we make movies stars and presidents out of 'em.


Jason Biggs, who made his big break as, well, a webcam-obsessed horny toad who turns the lens on an unsuspecting exchange student, now turns same tactic on self, wife. Jesus. No wonder this guy's career never really took off. Spoof or not, it's a tasteless move by the actor and his wife, who look like a couple of kids left alone with nothing better to do. It's bad enough that kid on the Time cover is stuck in his 8th or 9th year of infancy. Mr. Biggs, who according to IMDB.com is now in his 33rd or 34th year of infancy, might well have just supplied the "After" shot used to accompany Time's "Before."


This whole inappropriate incident gives breast-feeding a black "nipple"!


This is perverted. Anyone letting a 1/2 grown kid suck on her boobies is a perve.


lol hilarious parody. The whole Time cover is pretty messed up though. I mean do they think how this will affect the kid physiologically, breast feeding that long will cause some issues as the kid matures sexually but is still sucking on moms tatas. Although at least it does make good fodder for parody.

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