Jaden Smith Releases "Give It To Em"

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This is a busy time for the Smith family.

Will Smith is about to star in Men in Black III. Willow Smith is dyeing her hair left and right. And now Jaden Smith has released a new track titled "Give It To Em."

Jaden Smith Video Still

Raps Jaden in the single: Young, black with accessories/And I’m doing well, never seen a penitentiary/‘Cause they can’t sentence the greatest MC they’ve ever seen/No i’m not, but if you’re going to bother me, then you better be.

Alright then! Jaden will next continue his film career by starring in M. Night Shyamalan‘s After Earth.

Give his latest song a listen below.

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Lisi u are so wrong!! Go gt life coz u sound like u need one


I like jaden not even like which is big than love. U are the best to all the girls he is mine


I ain't heard his new song, but I DID see his new haircut and he is lookin' fiiiiiinnnnnnne. Finer den befo. Mmm! I want me some o' dat Jadeen! Holla!


I love this song keep it up Jaden.


it is great,i luv it,keep it up,you are the best jaden


lisi you is the most jealous girl/man i ever. They do have talent especially jaden smith yummy !!!!! lolllllll


i like jaden & justin but jaden is ma fev give it 2 me is da best song eva


it's good.


@Lisi - Did you feel the same way about cute " Shirley Temple " or you just have a problem with Successful "Young black kids" . Besides , we all can't rely on our parents forever . The Quicker you are independent from your parents, the better . And OH , the music is quite good , if care to listen and cut down on the Jealousy..


Dear Will & Jada. Please stop shoving your kids down our throats. Just because you can payoff Hollywood, doesn't mean your kids have talent.

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The Smiths The son of Will is also a very good little actor. How can you not just met when you look at Jaden Smith, people? More »
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