Is Miley Cyrus Too Thin?

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Is the gluten-free girl going to wither away before our eyes?

Leaving the Delano Hotel in Miami Beach Wednesday, Miley Cyrus sported a slim gray mini dress, putting her shrinking figure on full display.

Later, she rocked a tube top and some shorts that barely covered what little of her there is left. Both outfits have sparked some concern ...

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In April, the last time Miley Cyrus anorexic rumors popped up, she explained on Twitter that her noticeable weight loss wasn't from battling an eating disorder.

"For everyone calling me anorexic, I have a gluten and lactose allergy," she said. "It's not about weight - it's about health. Gluten is crap anyway!"

The 19-year-old then added, "Everyone should try no gluten for a week! The change in your skin, physical and mental health is amazing. You won't go back!"

Even if that's true, to a point, people can go overboard, as some say Miley has done with whatever's caused her to appear so gaunt of late.

Or not. Talk to THG: Is Miley Cyrus too thin?


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Miley Ray Cyrus needs to stop with that weed shit but as always I love her so much.


Well yes obesity is a problem. But so is being too skinny. And I dont mean like people who are naturally skinny, I mean the ones that have protruding bones but still think they shouldn't eat. And I'm also not meaning people who are anorexic. Today's society being super skinny and having a boyish frame is considered hot. She actually used to have boobs and hips, but as you can see now she doesn't. Shes obviously giving into society as everyone else has. She has been called fat before when she looked normal, so maybe thats why she lost so much weight. You never were fat Miley!!! Everybody now a days is made fun for just having boobs and hips when that is naturally what a woman is supposed to look like. You should be proud of your body no matter what. Its wrong to judge people just by there appearances.


Miley real good defeated from stressful, alone, and discouraged. I am happy she make it. Look good on her. Jesus loves u. :). Nobody think with foolish words like miley look thin what. The world like robot like omg as mental sick. No one understand some their life been hide so pain what cause. Just think positive. Let it go. Rumors are like robot listen and believe. Just like fool.


Whether she's too thin or not is none of anyone's business. That's the problem with the press; they're too intrusive on celebrities personal lives. The tabloids shouldn't start rumors of her being anorexic unless she said so herself.


She's definitely very thin but I wouldn't say she is unhealthy or too skinny. I think plus some outfits make you look thinner than you actually are. I she's fine I just hope she doesn't lose any more weight (And if she did gain 10 pounds she may look a little better)


She's not "too" thin. Miley, has pretty much been the same size all her life and being gluten intolerant makes you gain weight and maybe she doesn't want to gain weight.


She looks fine to me...


no she is not too skinny, what is 'too' skinny anyway? there are plenty of naturally thin people and there are many reasons for weight changes including temporary illness, changes in medication, more exercise. In Miley's case, she has stated allergies are the reason for her dietary changes. we have no reason not to believe her. and kudos to her for her admirable exercise regime. I want a body like that.


In this culture of overweight and obesity we're in, it is absolutey laughable to me that people are saying she's "too skinny." Miley looks great! The only ones complaining are those jealous folks who are trying to indirectly deflect from their own obesity issues. I wish more young women could look this good. Kudos to her.


While obesity has been a national issue especially among our young people, this article to me underscores a more crucial gender issue. That in 2012 young women---specifically celebrities---- are not only harshly, but almost completely judged by their physique. When will society finally be fair to women and judge them primarily on their intelligence, character, personality, and what they contribute to their world???? This is the 21st Century. Time to focus on women as we should. Today young women are still scrutinized as in the days of Marilyn Monroe. Sad.