Is Jenelle Evans Pregnant Again?!

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Jenelle Evans just got engaged to Gary Head, and already, rumors are flying that the Teen Mom terror may expecting a second child she has no interest in.

The Oak Island, N.C., product has "put on 20 lbs. recently," according to a source because she is pregnant with another baby ... supposedly. Allegedly.

Hey, at least she's in a "stable" relationship at this point. Her engagement to Gary Head has already lasted two whole weeks, beating analyst expectations.

Gary Head and Jenelle Evans

Is she actually pregnant though? We doubt it. It's just hearsay.

Still, "she's so irresponsible, it wouldn't surprise me if she's pregnant," says an insider. "But for her to want another child would be crazy, because it doesn't seem to bother her at all that she doesn't have custody of [2-year-old son] Jace."

Who said anything about wanting one?

Anyway, baby or not, Gary is stoked he gets to see Jenelle Evans nude for the rest of his life, or at least until their engagement ends this summer.

"She just broke up with Kieffer [Delp] a week before the engagement and immediately got back with Gary," the insider explains. "Gary is thrilled, because he had asked her to marry him before and she said no. I guess she changed her mind."

Guess so.


Ughhh she's so fuckin stupid she's a whoree , I hope she stays in jail and if she's pregnant (pray to god dat she's not) I would the baby to have better parents then those two motherfuckers .jenelle evans if ur reading this just realize dat ur a fuckin idiott and soo proud u got beat up


If she is pregant again I would feel hella bad for that baby!


Uhh I hate this guys shirt.


When your poor, the best "free" entertainment is humping like rabbits all day, every day! Condoms are too expensive and the Government pays for the end result if pulling out does work.


Why would she need to be on any assistance when the show pays her to be on the show?


It is am to me that someone this young (and obviously irresponsible) is having yet another child. She is a foul-mouthed nasty little brat. Just because you can bear children, it doesn't make you an adult. This young lady shouldn't be allowed to own a dog let alone have a child. She is just plain trash. Jenelle, you're supposed to get married---THEN HAVE BABIES. Stupid, stupid, stupid.


geez. this kind of individual shouldn't be allowed to bear kids anymore. pull out her vagina, uterus and ovaries, for crying out loud, before another innocent kid spits outta there!


So what who cares TrAiNwReCk WhItE tRaSh-ShE nEeDs 2 Go To JaIl--at least Amber Portwood is doing what she has to even going to jail. Good luck Amber


Well, hey, as long WE don't have to pay for this little tyke! But I'm sure we shouldn't hold our breathe!


A discusting excuse for a mother. And what a classy guy shes got there, those naked kissing girls on your shirt prove that! Theres a time and place where that shirt is appropriate i guess, probably in whatever rathole you all live in. Classy i tell ya!

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