How Much Does Jessica Simpson Weigh Right Now?

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Now that Jessica Simpson has given birth to a 9-pound, 13-oz. baby daughter, Maxwell Drew, her other new baby has her undivided attention:

A new $4 million deal with Weight Watchers.

"As soon as Jessica heals from the C-section, she is extremely determined to work out," a confidant says. "She wants to show the world and is excited to do it."

And is contractually obligated to do it.

Jessica Simpson Pregnancy Photo

Since announcing that she and her fiance Eric Johnson were expecting their first child, Jessica has been under scrutiny over her pregnancy weight gain.

The 5-foot-3 star, who admitted weighing 175 pounds when she posed nude and pregnant for the April issue of Elle, needs to do a serious slim-down.

A source familiar with the Weight Watchers negotiations says the stakes are high, as she's got to lose at least 50 pounds. LITERALLY no pain, no gain.

"She'll have to meet the weight-loss goals for the deal to go through," says the source, adding that the new mom will be under a lot of pressure.

"She hasn't chosen a trainer yet. In fact, she hasn't even thought about it. But if she wants this, she'll need to work out a good five times a week."

For four million bucks? She can deal.



jessica should have watched her diet while she was pregnet. she keeps saying shes a normal woman, but realy she is a movie star, singer, on a fashion show. so she has a image to keep up.if she was a normal woman she wouldn't have to worry about weight & an image!she has the money to eat right and she should have had proper food delivered !she is not like her sister who had a child & got her figure back & is naturally thin! jessica she had her time in the sun ! and there r younger women up & coming,& soon take her place everybody's replaceable !!!!


Really? Y did u that posted come to this site in the first place if its so absurd to know her weight?I was just curious cuz she is pretty large n I hope she gets it for whoever called her "intelligent" really? U must not have seen her "newlyweds" mtv reality series w Nick lachey, she is a twitch n is lucky she could kind of sing...but intelligent she is not....imo!


What has this world come to? Seriously, why should it matter to anyone but her how much she gained during the pregnancy? She did it her way and healthily! The baby is healthy, mommy is healthy; end of story! Whether Jessica loses the weight or keeps the weight, she's still THE SAME PERSON AS ALWAYS!! Just because a woman can't fit into a size 0, it doesn't mean they're "unhealthy". Society today is too focused on looks and not focused enough on actual important things! Why can't any one of yall realize that?!? She's beautiful, intelligent, and her own woman. People need not to judge on appearance so damn much!


My sister-in-law is 5"4 and she was 120 pounds when she got pregnant and was 148 pounds when she gave birth- and within 4 months was back to 120- My mom who is 5"2 was 110 pound when she got pregnant with me and was 135 pounds when she gave birth and within a month was back to 110 pounds- It shouldn't take more than a few months to lose the baby weight. If you start off healthy and gain the recommended 25-30 pounds during pregnancy the weight should be off with little effort. 175 pounds at 5"3 is way TOO much (ideally should be about 140) Either way I wish her all the best in getting back to a healthy weight! Good Luck Jess!!


For all of you brainless twits out there with hollywood body ideal stuck in your heads, i leave this message. if u ever do get lucky enough to reproduce, good luck with your "mommyrexia" pregnancies and the brainless turd children u will produce from it. Congrats to jessica simpson for doing it for her child, not the media. I think that's the smartest things she's ever done:)


Uhhh..gaining that much weight during pregnancy is not healthy in any way, shape, or form. It also certainly isn't healthy for the baby. I know everyone will bitch and complain about "oh she's carrying a human leave her alone". Guess what, I'm 5'5 I started at 114 lbs. and the day I gave birth I weighed 128lbs. One month later I was down to 103lbs. Yes I know everyone is different but pregnancy isn't an excuse to go hog wild.

@ Vicki

Well being underweight is just as bad as being overweight! i think it even looks grosser! at 5'5 and 103 that is underweight! Every woman is different! She could have had complications that no one knows about! I did! I gained 70 lbs from complications...but then I lost it after!


They don't make scales that big.


Jessica Simpson is a fat old cow.


Do it for yourself not the world.


No Carmen, bc that would be stupid. Baby is fine. Get over yourself. Self richeous pain in the a**.

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