Holly Deveaux Cast as Casey Anthony in Lifetime Movie

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Lifetime has found an actress to play Casey Anthony in the upcoming film about her trial. Young, relative unknown Holly Deveaux will portray Tot Mom.

Although Kristen Stewart and other fan hopefuls were rumored as candidates to play the accused child murderer, the network settled on Deveaux.

The film will be titled Imperfect Justice, a Lifetime rep confirmed.

Holly and Casey

Deveaux, 19, has appeared in TV programs Less Than Kind and Baxter in her native Canada, as well as in a made-for-TV TNT movie, Silent Witness.

Though the actress' role is a crucial one, Anthony won't be the focus. Instead, the story will center on the attorneys behind the controversial trial.

Rob Lowe has been cast as Jeff Ashton, the prosecuting attorney alongside Elizabeth Mitchell (who will play fellow prosecutor Linda Drake Burdick).

The Office's Oscar Nunez will tackle the role of Anthony's defense attorney Jose Baez, who pulled a rabbit out of his hat and got Casey off the hook.

In other news, Casey Anthony got served with a subpoena in the lawsuit filed against her by Zenaida Gonzalez, and is dreading going back to court.


This just makes me so sick to my stomach. I can not even believe that this movie has been made. I will not watch it and I will also never watch lifetime again for airing it.


Shame on Life Time for this movie, they said they would never do a movie regarding Casey Anthony and shame on Rob Lowe for his part. I guess he is desperate for money even at a little girl killed by the hands of her Mother. Please do not watch or support this movie!!!!!


id sign it but i dont have a computer. Maybe later. I dont think anybody should profit from it really. It should be a movie that reminds people of a failed system. Like the movie flight 92 or whatever it was, was okay but not all accurate & of course not the right people. Movies wont do it justice. But i would like to see this movie honestly- i hope it portrays her in a horrible light. all child killers should die in a pool of acid. Maybe they'd think twice.


BOYCOTT sponors of LIFETIME Network!! You all remember Casey Anthony? She murdered her precious baby CAYLEE. Casey and her greedy attorney have been laying low for a reason. WALT DISNEY, A&E and HEARST Corp. are about to profit from Caylee's horrid death by producing a movie of Casey Anthony and her trial which will be aired on the LIFETIME Network channel.
"SHAME ON YOU DISNEY!" Advocate of children in all manners apparently, and all for the almighty dollar! SHAME ON YOU ALL GREEDY BASTARDS! BOYCOTT ALL SPONSORS IN MEMORY OF CAYLEE,
Please don't let her be forgotten Rest in Peace little angel

@ LaVonne

I am so angry about this movie, but I don't know what to do to spread the word to boycott the movie and its sponsors. I am outraged that anyone would pay to make this movie.

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