Hollie Cavanagh on American Idol Elimination: No Complaints!

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Hollie Cavanagh "just kind of knew." That's what she told reporters not long after hearing her name announced as the latest American Idol elimination. That was the feeling she had when she woke up.

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    Rich - it's like you read my every thought about the show, contestants, judges, and wrote them down. Hollie should have absolutely won this season without question - she was the best singer in the competition. The judges were so unjustly harsh on Hollie (including Jimmy) because they were partial and favored boring ass Jessica and swayed America to do the same.

    This is the most boring season and finalists yet on AI... this show really just needs to go away already and call it a freakin' day. The Voice blows them out of the water and at least the judging panel on The Voice are ALL extremely talented artists and can certainly sing, unlike the judges on AI.

    And, let's be honest - there hasn't been a better Idol since Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood... I also love how the the runner ups have been more successful than the rest of the winners themselves. Just goes to show how much the judges know. God, I miss Simon Cowell... the show has really sucked big time since he left.


    Hollie is superior to Joshua and Jessica! She doesn't scream, has a beautiful voice and is on an even par with Philip. These two should have been the final two!I've yet to hear a song from Joshua where he doesn't scream and Jessica has zero personality. It's a load of crap from the judges the way they have crucified Hollie, and on top of that ,the clown in the baseball cap, Jimmy, has been putting her down from day 1. As far as I'm concerned, Tyler can't sing, is high all of the time, JLo is equally as bad a singer, but uses sex appeal to stay popular and Randy, let's hear him sing. He couldn't carry a tune to save his life!So we have judges who earn 10s of millions of dollars to foster their OWN VIEWS, and get FREE showtime to push their own songs. WOW, WHAT A RACQUET!


    Hollie, in my opinion, should not have been voted off. I didn't think Skylar should of been voted off. Phillip should of been. He is getting oh so boring. Though my sister and I disagree. Have you ever seen the rain sucked! But yeah, that Volcano song saved him. Jessica is right on key but she is lacking tone in her voice, which just makes her sound like she's screaming. I really like Josh. Though I just heard his last two songs on the Voice. Weird. I always thought the voting process is unfair. One vote should be allowed on all these competitions.


    I think it'll be great to see Hollie, Jessica, Joshua and Phillip square it off in the finale! These kids are so talented! It's Hollie or Jessica for me.


    I loved Hollie. I like her kind of singing. I know the judges like the screaming, I like songs I can hear and understand the lyrics to. I thought Hollie did great on the Bonnie Raitt song.


    Jessica is horrible at her singing please eliminate her. Thank You, oh by the way her dress looked like she was wrapped partially in a linen mummy wrapped dress the night she sang rolling down the river.


    Good Luck Holly C, cause you really made me feel you sang your heart out everytime over all the contestants. You are sweet, and cute as a button, and brutally honest in your singing. I noticed you are the only one who doesn't seem stuckup throughout your American Idol appearance. You will be missed, and what or where the road takes you i know you will be much better in all you do.
    As for all the others on Amberican Idol like Jimmy said "the rabbit is going to come out of the hat someday".
    Pardon me, but i already saw that myself.

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