Guiliana and Bill Rancic Moved to Tears By Baby

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Giuliana and Bill Rancic have shared plenty of heartbreak with their fans over the years. Now they are doing the same with their long-awaited joy.

In tonight's episode of Giuliana & Bill, the couple visit their gestational surrogate and attend the very first ultrasound for their soon-to-be-born child.

"It's a little bit nerve-wracking because with IVF and with this type of a procedure, there's always a chance that there was a false positive," Bill said.

"We needed to see it to believe it."

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With their eyes glued to the monitor, the doctor explains that what they're seeing is "the flickering of the cardiac activity of the heartbeat starting."

"That is just about the earliest gestational age where we can ever detect this."

Giuliana, 37, and her husband, 40, begin to tear up when they think about the long journey that preceded this happy moment they waited so long for.

Said an obviously choked-up Giuliana:

"Seeing that image on the screen is everything we had prayed for and wished for. We just couldn't ask for anything more right now."

"Looking at these first images, all these emotions from the past start rushing back. All the struggles, the shots, all the doctors visits, the tears ... just everything."


Hey al u rude ppl. G and B nvr really meant to do this on tv.its their life,their show and it has also given me some hope for myself.. I have been goin thru similar patches in lyf altho tryin 4 my 2nd baby it takes its toll motionally. U ppl are js heartless u care about ntn bt urself.


You are annoying, GI. If you don't want to hear about their baby, too bad! Don't read it then! What a jerk!


P.S. no one has to watch any why so angry? Folks, life is short. Care for one another instead of being jealous and angry.May all this struggle work out to a joyful conclusion, Bill and has opened the conversation for others.Thanks again.


They are doing a service to other potential parents going through similar struggles. They have class, unlike many others on reality shows.Thanks to both of you.


Who the hell ARE these people??? Who CARES??? Have i been living under a rock or sumthin? Smh


I am very happy for Guiliana and Bill Rancic, but at the same token, many couples have gone thru what they have...why do we have to constantly hear their every move with this baby...when the baby is born, you guys can report it, but we don't have to hear every little single's ANNOYING>>>>>>>

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