Georgia Davis, Britain's Fattest Teenager, Hospitalized After Being Removed Home By Crane

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Georgia Davis, a 19-year-old sadly but accurately dubbed Britain’s Fattest Teenager, had to be rushed from her home to the hospital last week.

Rushed in a relative sense.

When the 840-pound Davis collapsed with breathing problems and chest pains in the bedroom of her home in South Wales, authorities underwent an amazing eight-hour operation to evacuate her out of the house and to a hospital.

A 40-man rescue team demolished the top half of her mom’s house with sledgehammers and a circular saw to make a 10-foot by 10-foot hole.

They also tore down an internal dividing wall so Georgia Davis could be removed from her back bedroom which had become her own prison.

Georgia was then airlifted out by crane on a special stretcher and transported via ambulance that had to be reinforced to take her weight.

She had been “effectively immobile for six months” after her weight rocketed this year, pushing her to the brink with major health problems.

She had weighed in at 460 pounds when she was just 15. Doctors told the Type 2 diabetic to lose at least 280 pounds or she would die.

Davis lost 200 pounds through diet and exercise, but ultimately relapsed and ballooned to 840 pounds, thanks to a 13,000 calorie-a-day diet.


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This story brought a tear to my eye. This poor poor child. Shes battling something she doesnt have the maturity to process. And putting up with people telling her that its her own fault. Am lucky I have a very good BMR, I do gym but not as often as I would like. This child on the other hand has inherited bad genes, has severe emotional problems and is stuck with negligent parents. Can you imagine how isolated she must have felt in that room by herself? I just wanna give her a hug and tell her shes in my prayers!


I am about 90 pounds overweight at 5'8" and 250lbs. My body is so worn out all the time from carrying that much extra weight around. I can't even imagine what this poor girl is going through. My extra weight is definitely an emotional choice. It is my "protection" from the world. I'm sure hers is too. I will pray for her.


its a bit more complicated then that she was quite young when she became a full time carer for her mum who has problems that can trigger anyone into emotionally eating her parents are to blame because as reports say shes been confined to her bedroom for the last 6 months and its been her mum who has been feeding her this crappy food. yes she can take some responsibility but ultimately her parents are at fault if they had been feeding her proper food from the start the problem wouldnt have escalated the way it has and she wouldnt have this craving for food that is bad for her


I feel sorry for the girl. Its obvious that the reason she is like this is emotional eating. Its so sad how that still isnt recognized by most people nowadays. Instead fat people are being made fun of. They did not choose to be fat! They are because eating is theyre way of coping with emotional pain. In this case that emotional pain must be huge to make her so huge. I feel so sorry for her.
Ive had an eating disorder most of my life and only after I realized that food isnt the problem but feelings was I able to loose the weight. Its outragous that even doctors tell overweight people only about diets and tell them to loose weight! Of course they want to loose weight but no one tells them the REAL reason behind it all.


Obviously depression and social anxiety are at play here. And studies are increasingly showing that the mental illness is the trigger not the cconsequence of the weight. In other words, some people are designed to eat when in pain and may also carry the "fat gene" which compounds the problem. I have been athletic all my life. I have ran a full marathon every year for over 10 years now. Except when pregnant I have never exceeded 120 pounds but I would never judge any of my bigger friends coz I just dont know what hell they are coping with on the inside.


Ihave had a weight problem all of my life. Unfortunately believe it or not I do have the "fat gene" when in times of famine people kept on weight for those lean times. Unfortunately "mother Nature" did not change that gene. I will battle all of my life with wreight. That being said I have always gone on a diet to lose the extra pounds thru some exercise which I hate and dieting and have lost 55 lbs. and kept it off for 2 years thru diligence .I do need to lose more but I feel great. I would never let myself break the 200lb. mark thru my 60 yrs. I don't understand why people let themselves balloon out of control. I have had hardship but my health means a lot to me. I need to be there for my family when needed. I wouldn't be able to do that if I were unhealthy myself.
I hope she gets the help and counceling she so desperately needs.


@Abc, I agree with you. It's only partially her parents fault. She needs to eat right and do what exercise she can while heavy. As the weight comes off, she needs to up the exercise.
How mortifying to be lifted out of your home by a crane! I hope she gets the help she needs.


I agree that the parents share some of the responsibility here. This girl doesn't have a job so the parents are providing her w/ all of the food she's eating, to the tune of 13,000 calories a day! Unreal. This could not happen if her 2 parents were healthy eaters. They all are going to need help to fix and get passed this.


how about u then?