George Will Slams Donald Trump, Bloviating Ignoramus Responds With Epic Comeback on Twitter

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Conservative columnist George Will slammed Donald Trump as a moronic blowhard this weekend, prompting a blistering, unintentionally hilarious response from the Celebrity Apprentice star, who has been campaigning with Mitt Romney.

The GOP presidential candidate has taken a lot of heat for appearing with Trump at a campaign fundraiser. Will criticized the move, as well as Trump personally.

“I do not understand the cost-benefit here,” Will said on ABC’s This Week. “The costs are clear. The benefit - what voter is going to vote for him because of Donald Trump?"

"The cost of appearing with a bloviating ignoramus is obvious, it seems to me."


"Donald Trump is redundant evidence that if your net worth is high enough, your IQ can be very low and you can still intrude into American politics.”

Bloviating ignoramus ... wow. George Will FTW. Fortunately, Trump took the high road with his response ... just kidding. Did you really fall for that?

“George Will may be the dumbest (and most overrated) political commentator of all time,” he tweeted. “If the Republicans listen to him, they will lose.”

Oh, and it continues. He adds: “Losers such as George Will and Rosie O'Donnell use me to get publicity for themselves. They are strictly third rate.”

“George Will totally ‘bombed’ at The Mar-a-Lago Club. I was there to watch. He was embarrassed and no longer likes Donald Trump.”

Yes ... what you just witnessed is Trump insulting Will AND name-checking his own elite Palm Beach real estate property! The Donald FTW!

Will did speak at the Trump’s opulent Palm Beach club ... in 1995. He has yet to respond to the Mar-a-Lago crack ... and really, how do you recover from that?!


@jerryball. What I think is interesting is that NO one on the liberal/ Democrat side ever slams the Head of the Democrats in the Senate, Sen. Harry Reid for being a Mormon! And better yet, he never defends his fellow Mormon, Mitt Romney against attacks on their faith. Where's the fairness here?


@Lucy Hey, I'm an Independent, too! I look at this way...if Obama can fraternize with unsavory characters? I sure as hell can tolerate Trump! He won't keep me from voting for Mitt. After all, it ain't gonna be Trump sliding his hand on that Bible come Jan. 20, '13!


The Entitlement Crowd knows who's gonna butter their bread for 'em! They are scared of Romney! It'll mean--Off your a**es--here's a job--get after it! And folks already working? It'll mean TAX RELIEF! Being able to get ahead with hardwork and be allowed to hold onto and save their own earned money! Simple as that! As the saying goes, "Piss a Liberal off--Go get a JOB!"


Round and round the Mormon's bush, POP goes the weasel!


I thought candidates are supposed to be winning registered independents like my self & my husband. Who in their right mind would think Trump will win us over????? Seriously???? Is Romney TRYING to allienate me intentionally???????? Am already worried about that partys view on women so why go into bed with the worst misogynist on TV???????? Coz if they really dont want my vote, I can just give to that other guy!


Hey Paul, how do you know that's Trump's real message?
Hmmm, sounds more like you're putting words in his mouth.
Here's a few more words to describe your hero;
blowhard, prissy, pompous, self-serving,self-promoting.
If you think Trump has any great insights into what's
wrong with this country, then I guess you put words
in his mouth.


Just because he can run a business does not make u bright or flexible. Obama is both bright and flexible and
Romney is ?? So it goes with Donald Trump a dumb good businessman because he is ruthless and inflexible.
When u can't admit u made a mistake if u can't be humble u shouldn't be a leader. U have to be flexible in this world otherwise all u have is war
There is a time to turn the other cheek and question yourself and there is a time to act and I feel Obama
Can do that


The fact that bigotry hiding behind a mask of a donkey brings a whole new meaning to the word jackass. To scream racism or bigotry during any given topic simply because one race feels threatened by the words of another is not new. To vote for a President because of his race is as disturbing as voting against one for the same reason. 97% of Black America voted for Obama in 2008 and even though they are worse off they will still cast the same way- Nuff said.


The fact that most people come out and defend these bigots is evidence that the only progress that has been made in this country, is the sheets are off and their faces are being used as the mask!


The "MSM",and Trump should be deported immediately.Neither of them have Americas best interest at heart.

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