Genevieve Cook, Ex-Girlfriend of President Obama, Reveals His "Sexual Warmth" in New Book

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Genevieve Cook, an ex-girlfriend of President Obama, shares some intimate details about their relationship in a new book about the Commander-in-Chief.

Barack Obama: The Story, by Pulitzer Prize winning journalist David Maraniss, is the most thorough account of the President's life not written by Obama.

Vanity Fair published excerpts Wednesday. While The Story contains no sordid, shocking tales of impropriety, it portrays Obama as extremely ambitious.

Obama's autobiography Dreams From My Father, while generally true, makes him look less calculating and motivated by his own career, in other words.

Genevieve Cook, Barack Obama

Barack Obama: The Story also goes into much greater detail about his early life, including romantic relationships, such as that with Genevieve Cook.

Using Obama’s writings and ex-girlfriends’ diaries, Maraniss paints a picture of Obama as an intense, conflicted and sometimes brooding intellectual.

It was that intelligence that drew Cook to Obama after a chance meeting at that East Village apartment gathering, according to Maraniss' book.

The future President, who in 1983 was a recent graduate of Columbia University, began chatting up the assistant teacher at a party that Christmas.

Obama apparently earned Cook’s endorsement, as they went on a date just days later and she spent that night at his tiny Manhattan apartment.

While sitting on an orange beanbag chair, the two bonded over the time each spent in Indonesia as youths, then exchanged phone numbers.

“I think maybe he cooked me dinner,” she wrote. “Then we went and talked in his bedroom. And then I spent the night. It all felt very inevitable."
Old Obama Photo
Genevieve Cook Photo

Cook remembers that Barack Obama also used to spend Sundays in his room wearing a sarong, drinking coffee and solving crossword puzzles.

She described the room as a “a mixture of smells that so strongly speak of his presence, his liveliness, his habits ... running sweat, Brut spray deodorant, smoking, eating raisins, sleeping, breathing.”

And while Cook wrote about Obama’s “sexual warmth,” she felt he sometimes kept her at arm’s length ... and when she said “I love you,” he often responded “thank you” rather than “I love you, too.”

Barack first met his future wife, First Lady Michelle Obama, in 1989.

Follow the link for Vanity Fair's full excerpt from Maraniss' book.


When is Mrs Genevieve Cook going to come out and throw BHO under the train ?


What else is BHO trying to hide bisides that he is Gay ?


this has got to be one nasty lady-GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


She just didn't do it for him; Remember what he said, "I was born in Hawaii, but I became a man in Chicago". Some woman sparked his interest in Chicago and evidently it wasn't her.


What is wrong with people like Jesse! Why is she self-loathing, you nitwit? Are you that dumb? Who said she was getting tapped by as many..... Generally, you are attracted to people, aren't you?. You're a fuck wit!


I think this was brought up by his people because of closet allegations. You don't get to be President by being in the closet. You have to be married with kids. I am not being nasty here - just re-iterating what I have read. Everyone has secrets - people still won't let others be themselves.


I agree - the photo looks fake.. Why is this being brought up? What about the guy who went on tv saying he had used drugs and had sex with the President. He does look like a male model to me - he is very good looking.


Hollywood Gossip you clearly don't moderate your comments. The responses to this article are racist, unfounded and plain 'ol ignorant! They have no relevance to this article and you should be ashamed of your reader base. Disgusting!


What a mess that is being made! Blacks as a whole are the most screwed up race on the planet. The whites that covet them - they are the only thing more disfunctional than the blacks. Obama is as useless as tits on a boar hog. Young & reckless people- if they only knew how they have bought into the biggest fraud since Hitler.

@ Zach

Blah Blah Blah. People get tired of hearing your opinions.


That picture looks fake to me...the lighting and shadows are wrong

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