Erin Andrews and Chace Crawford: Dating!

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Erin Andrews and Chace Crawford are dating, according to reports.

The genetically gifted pair have been spotted out and about in New York several times now and have celebrity gossip sites buzzing about their status.

Crawford been out on "a couple" dates with Andrews, Us reports. "They're getting to know each other," but there's a connection, their source says.

Andrews, 34, is a well-known sportscaster on ESPN, although her physical attributes often earn her much more attention than her actual reporting.

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Despite holding her own for many years in the male-dominated world of sports, she may be best known for the hotel peephole tape that went viral.

Michael David Barrett published the Erin Andrews nude video online, and is currently in prison after the FBI arrested him on a litany of charges. Perv.

Chace Crawford, 26, is a series regular on Gossip Girl and has been named “Summer’s Hottest Bachelor” by People. The 26-year-old is also considered hot.

He can also be seen in What To Expect When You’re Expecting. We weren't expecting this alleged celebrity couple news, but we're happy for them both!



Read all the comments on here OLDER MEN. Women would give anything to date sexy younger men like Chace Crawford, Taylor Lautner, Rob Pattinson, Zac Efon. These guys are young, sexy & rich, too. Older men should get a life, stop bashing Chace, and get lost. Better yet, hit the gym.


Erin dated a man named John Brewer in 2011, who is older than her as well. He's probably late 40's or early 50's. But he's the best looking man I've ever in EVER SEEN! This guy is beautiful. He works for IMG Global Sports and lives in Raleigh, NC. He also played football for Duke University in the 80's.


I really liked Erin's personality a lot after seeing her with Maks on Dancing with the Stars. Then I realized she is an opportunist; she also seems to think of herself as much younger than she actually is.
(Erin, you should have stuck with Maks -- he really cared for you and he was closer to your age).


He looks like he's 10! Come on Erin... you're better than this!

@ Penny

Better than CHACE CRAWFORD? What are you, a Lesbian? Or an Older Man who feels left behind by time and sexy women who want younger men?


damn so guys have all the luck. i be happy if i had a woman like that


If this is true, the relationship is destined to fail. When are women going to realize that older women with younger men rarely works for the long term? He is 26! Wake up Erin, this guy is a child.


She might be pretty compared to other sportscasters, but to me she is not attractive. She is long in the face.


I love that she's practicing being a cougar early in life.

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