Epic Basketball FAIL: The Best Dunk Attempt Ever

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And by best, we mean worst.

It not unclear where this took place, or why the fella below was even handed the task, but during a break in the action at what looks like an NBA game, he attempted to jump off a small trampoline for a slam dunk, only to fall a few meters short.

This guy might not want to quit his day job. Unless this is his day job, in which case he should hope he lives in a liberal state with good unemployment benefits.

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You right we can not all be air jordon


Its so nice to read your blog,really interesting. Great information and inspiration. Your article was very poignant and understandable.It helped me to understand very clearly.Thanks and blessings


great rep for THG having someone like this ignoant ass writting articles.


This is outright WRONG and unfair.If you guys are looking for news,please look for them in the right places.


Shame on you!!! Making fun of a man that obviously has a problem and you blast this on the media. You disgust me.

@ Sophie

we cant all be air jordon

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