Elin Nordegren and Jamie Dingman: It's Over!

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Elin Nordegren and Jamie Dingman are no longer dating. The businessman and Tiger Woods' former wife broke up back in January, People reports.

A friend of Elin's confirmed the breakup, saying:

"She says Jamie's a great guy, and they're still friends, but I think it was just too early [after the divorce] for her to get serious with anyone."

True. It may take many years to get over that.

Jamie Dingman and Elin

There's no truth to reports this week that things were heating up between Elin Nordegren and Jamie Dingman, who were first romantically linked last summer.

The two were allegedly seen at Saturday's NHL playoff game between the New York Rangers and the Washington Capitals, but in fact, she wasn't even there.

Elin Nordegren takes the rumors in stride, says her friend.

"Elin finds it hilarious to read news about her that people make up," the friend says, adding that she's focused on raising her two young kids with Tiger.

Nordegren, who lives with the kids in North Palm Beach, Fla., is getting a psychology degree while overseeing construction of a new ocean-front mansion.

No word if anything specific triggered Nordegren's split from Dingman, who amazingly once quasi-dated Rachel Uchitel of all people. Small world.


James didn't even think about Elin to be the one to marry. He was just getting back to Rachel. He knew that Elin is a golddigger from the get go. Why bother keeping her. Just dump her with no money before she gets funny.


Thats right Bricks all she needs is a $200 vibrator,men are overrated.


You can date stupid , but you can't fix it !


@ Nora, what makes you think she isn't happy? It's really sad and pathetic that you think a woman needs a man to be happy.


Even with all her money she can't buy happiness.


So WhAt WhO cArEs


Elin has to realize that not everyone is going to put up with her explosive, domineering personality. Tiger put up with it, but no other man will. Elin can't make a man submit to her everytime; maybe some of the time, but not all the time. They call Elin gorgeous, but it can be said that, 'gorgeous is as gorgeous does.'


elin is tainted trash,the only white guys who would stick her now are low self esteem types like this putz.....


Guess Elin hasn't found anyone who can fill that empty space the way Tiger did, if you know what I mean.

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