EL James on Fifty Shades of Grey Research: Brutal!

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It's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it, and Fifty Shades of Grey author EL James said she did exhaustive "research" for the best-selling erotic novel in which many of her own sexual fantasies actually appear on paper.

"It was a very considered study," James joked the explicit sex in her books during the latest stop on her book tour. "My husband still rolls his eyes and says 'God, what do we gotta do now?' He was very cooperative."

50 Shades of Grey Cover

"Fundamentally for me it's still a love story," she notes. "I think women love to read love stories. People concentrating on the sex ... I can say over and over again I cannot own people's reaction to this story."

"If they want to concentrate on the sex ... it's their issue, not my issue.

As for the banter between Christian and Anastasia Steele? "That's actually how I write my emails … I am a terrible flirt. I have a lot of fun with those."

With a multi-million dollar book deal and now a Fifty Shades of Grey movie in the works, James won't spill on who should play Christian Grey on film.

"I'm so not telling you," she teased. "It's really, really early days in the film process. I'm keeping my mouth shut because I will get into trouble."

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Who should play Christian Grey?

Who should play Anastasia Steele?


This is going to sound mean and as a generalization but this tweet said it all: "I want to read 50 Shades of Gray so I can learn what older, sexually repressed women are into these days." LOL, I feel like a lot of people gushing over the sex in this book need to be introduced to kink memes in fandom.


I agree with Kelley, the best person for the role of Christian has to be Cam Gigandet! He has everything!


Tyler Hoechlin needs to try out for Christain Grey. He is so gorgeous and darn sexy. He is the Alpha in Teen Wolf so his dominant side is shown well in the tv show. He has the dark hair and beautiful eyes already. What more can you ask for. Ryan Gossling is fine as hell but not for the part of Christian Grey. Ian Somerhalder looks too old.


Have you seen Rob Pattinson in Harry Potter? He is the perfect Christian!


I too have been picturing Ana as Mila Kunis, am glad someone else see's it she would be perfect. Until recently I've seen Christian as Tyler James from The Voice UK, then I read about Alex Pettyfer and can't see him any other way, he IS Christian Grey!


Ever compare to the sublime "Secretary," starring James Spader and Maggie Gyllenhaal. THAT is what a D/s relationship looks like, not this silliness.


Yes DO make it a film it will b a sell out
Ian somerhalder or bradley cooper as christen with . Out . A . Doubt
My vote for Ian more!!


It has to been Tyler Hoechlin! He is a control freak and domineering, can freeze you with his eyes and break your heart with his pain he can show in those eyes. Right age, right build and beautiful smile. People seem to forget that this guy is supposed to be fairly young. Most of the guys suggested are great but too old or too beefy. Love Chris Hemsworth, but afraid he is just too beefed up. Got to be Tyler.


Tyler Hoechlin or Alex Pettyfer as CHRISTIAN!


Rick Malambri all the way