Eduardo Saverin, Facebook Co-Founder, Renounces U.S. Citizenship in Advance of IPO

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Eduardo Saverin, the billionaire Facebook co-founder portrayed by Andrew Garfield in The Social Network, is no longer an American citizen.

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    Starhub warning in a form of threat. There r two options given 1- take the serving BILL without argument or 2- invest in revenue like lawyers service , court service and many more struggling waiting for business. My advise to all fellow Sporeans - DO NOT SUBSCRIBE LINE OTHER THAN THE PREPAID VERSION. LETS END THE STARHUB VETO POWER MANIPULATING SUBSCRIBERS AT THEIR SELFISH BENEFITTING END. i DONT BELIEF HOW EDUARDO SAVERIN THE FACEBOOK CO FOUNDER CAN RENOUNCES US CITIZEN TO BE PREYED IN SPORE'S BUSINESS VETO-CURACY. GOOD LUCK EDUARDO! GOOD LUCK MY FRIEND!


    I don't blame him, the federal government primarily the democrats are sucking the life out of this economy driving all the wealth out. Wake up people the rich will still be rich, it's just the government will be deciding who is rich and who is poor.


    How about those Americans who work hard and pay the way of those who love hand outs. I would give up my citizenship because I am tired of paying for those who are not. Why not just a flat tax for all?


    Dude he should never be allowed back in the us even for work because we all know he will take his cash with him that other clown mark is an idiot too


    Can you blame him, with that clown, Obama in office.


    The rich american way..... Ducking out on paying taxes. Dnt wrry im sure repubs everywhere are taking note!

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