Donald Driver Wins Dancing With the Stars!

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One point separated first-place Katherine Jenkins from William Levy and Donald Driver at the end of Monday's Dancing With the Stars performances.

Each finalist earned another 30 from one more routine on Tuesday's finale, but the votes were in, and that Mirror Ball already had one name on it.

That name was Donald Driver.

Donald Driver and Peta Murgatroyd

The Green Bay Packers wide receiver Donald Driver was named the winner of the 14th season, making pro Peta Murgatroyd a first-time champion.

"Amazing! This is awesome!" Donald said when asked how he felt. His competitors, not surprisingly, took their defeat in stride, and with class.

William and Cheryl Burke finished in third place. "It was an amazing experience," said the Cuban actor. "I thank you guys for all you have done for us."

"I'm going to miss all of you guys, I love you!"

Jenkins and Mark Ballas were the runners-up.

"Thank you so much, Mark, you've been... I can't put into words how much I've loved this," the ever-gracious Katherine Jenkins said in defeat.

"And thank you to everybody who's had me on the show. It's been an absolute dream, thank you." "Congratulations, my man," Mark Ballas said.

Driver's win makes eight for men in 14 seasons. Donald is also the third NFL pro to win after Emmitt Smith and Hines Ward, last season's champ.

What do you think? Did Donald deserve it?


C'mon. When William got third, I thought Katherine had a chance! Another football player? REALLY? Katherine blew him away more times than both William and Donald. I demand a re-count!


It just seems if a black is going against a white the black will win everytime even if the white was far better. To me the fear factor is still alive and well.


i thought Donald did a GREAT job....and i'm thrilled her won, and NOT mark ballas....i can't stand ballas...i feel he doesn't take it seriously enough....i didn't care for his "freestyle"....i thought donald's was GREAT...i like the one that cheryl did as well. alisa


Really with the race card again? And NO I'm not black.


I thought Katherine should have won, but whatever.


This was highway robbery! It is clear to everyone who has watched every episode of the show that Katherine was consistently the best dancer. The two most improved were Maria and William. Driver was picked because he was black and his "country dance" even though Peta did all the work and Driver's moves and footwork were amateurish at best. I thought the judges were going to step in to make sure the "best" dancer didn't get screwed, well, Katherine and William go screwed. The show is consistently catering to blacks, proof of that was the entire production number awarded to Sheri Shepherd. Why, she was basically an artless dancer and did the most bawling and screaming. This season, a disappointment.


Donald and Peta deserved to win that trophy, Thank God they did. Hines Ward was not last seasons champ.


All three contestants did very well, but I feel Katherine should have won. She was always gracious, elegant and ladylike. Hate to say this, but I feel all eyes of those voting for Donald were really on Peta. With those outfits of hers, viewers were probably watching her and her movements more than they were watching Donald and his footwork. The pros are so fantastic, I find myself focusing on them more than the contestants; the pros really make the amateurs look flawless, which is not always true.


I think this is crazy, because I totally believe he was not all that good, and i believe he should not have won...

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