Donald Driver Wins Dancing With the Stars!

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One point separated first-place Katherine Jenkins from William Levy and Donald Driver at the end of Monday's Dancing With the Stars performances.

Each finalist earned another 30 from one more routine on Tuesday's finale, but the votes were in, and that Mirror Ball already had one name on it.

That name was Donald Driver.

Donald Driver and Peta Murgatroyd

The Green Bay Packers wide receiver Donald Driver was named the winner of the 14th season, making pro Peta Murgatroyd a first-time champion.

"Amazing! This is awesome!" Donald said when asked how he felt. His competitors, not surprisingly, took their defeat in stride, and with class.

William and Cheryl Burke finished in third place. "It was an amazing experience," said the Cuban actor. "I thank you guys for all you have done for us."

"I'm going to miss all of you guys, I love you!"

Jenkins and Mark Ballas were the runners-up.

"Thank you so much, Mark, you've been... I can't put into words how much I've loved this," the ever-gracious Katherine Jenkins said in defeat.

"And thank you to everybody who's had me on the show. It's been an absolute dream, thank you." "Congratulations, my man," Mark Ballas said.

Driver's win makes eight for men in 14 seasons. Donald is also the third NFL pro to win after Emmitt Smith and Hines Ward, last season's champ.

What do you think? Did Donald deserve it?


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Katheran was so over the top winner for talent. She was grace itself,and a gifted beauty. Humble and sweet, not proud and demanding a vote. Whoever dances with Mark, usually does not shine. Who should have won? Hey one vote per person and yes Katherine would have won the trophy and it would have been a honest win!!! Mark vs Peta, who was saving on wardrobe fabric!


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We should ALL know by now its the fans who pick the winner. Clearly the Packer fans supported him. Katherine and William obviously did not have the fan base Donald did. Watch it for what it is - entertainment. Stop taking it so seriously. Its JUST tv and shouldn't make people angry if your favorite dosent win!


His freestyle was definitely the best, but seriously I think there are just a lot of Packer fans out there who came through for him. Go-Pack-Go!!!!!!!!!!!!


Donald deserve it and did a great job

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