Dog the Bounty Hunter: Targeted With Death Threats

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Between his tracking down fugitives and reality TV career, someone really hates the Dog the Bounty Hunter. Badly enough to make him contact the authorities.

An unknown enemy of Duane "Dog the Bounty Hunter" Chapman is making his feelings evident, sending his family many email death threats of late.

The FBI is investigating the threats on Dog's life.

Dog the Bounty Hunter Pic

On April 30, a message to Chapman read, "I'm going to murder you. I'm going to come to Hawaii and murder you and your family in cold blood."

"You are next on my list and are the bane of society. I will deliver you to God."

Days later, another email was sent, and it's even worse. Read it post-jump:

"I'm going to murder you and your family. I'm going to slaughter your family. I'm going to cut the fat tits off your wife while I watch your children bleed."

"I want to see you cry, like you did everyday in prison. I want you to watch as your family gets massacred right in front of you."

"Then I'm going to f--k you in the ass with your f----t Indian beads."

The threats continued with talk about raping his children, "It will feel so great. The blood of the innocent gets me so hard. Bye, Duane."

Dog the Bounty Hunter, Wife

The family released a statement saying, "The Chapmans are taking these threats seriously and are very concerned about the safety of their family."

"Duane Chapman said that when the person responsible is found, he will prosecute to the full extent of the law for the threats made against his family."

"A referral of the case has been made to the FBI in Honolulu."

Best wishes to Dog, his family, and the FBI pursuing this awful person.



dog people out there are sick i met you at your store in oahu it was cool if you ever need a hand get ahold of some of thousands of people who enjoy you and your familys show god bless and my best to you


Daune and Beth Chapman and The family has made a place in a lot our homes with us watching DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER, what a shame to see this happen to The Chapman Family. We live in a cruel world, this just shows how cruel it is! I want to wish The Chapman Family my condolences and prayers for them. Hope the FBI agents catch this person?


The FBI can take Dog's computer and back track the IP address that the emails have come from. Come on people, this person can be found and like overnight. The FBI needs to expose the person(s) and throw their asses in prison. They sound sick and would probably hurt just about anyone. Sounds to me like this person knows Dog and all about him and his family. Dog: you are a bounty hunter; you should be able to point the FBI in the right direction. P.S. Please don't say F words when you are out cathing bail skippers and then stand in a circle and pray. It is very hipocritical.


i lovvveee ur show and that so rong of people to due that like wtf hella rude well we got ur bak dog ur bestfriend hailey and jason


dog you will be truely missed i have seen every show you have ever made and will continue to do so over and over.. i hate that your leaving us but truely understand and so wish and pray for the safety of you beth and the rest of the chapman clan.. god bless you and everyone.. my heart goes out to all.. i will miss you not a day goes by i dont watch the new ones or the old ones.. god bless you...


message sent from micheal g, you are just sick
Dog and Beth, love your show,and for people who watch, they really
don't watch because they don't know what it is you really do
I am what is left, after three attempts- on me -your show sooths me - do hope you come back on - wishing I could talk to you


take care dog and your family ,
miss you ,but i will watch your reruns
I never miss your show ,I love it ,
and your family ,


stay safe i hope catch the creep who making this threats towards your family with god watching over you he will keep you safe i will miss your show. you guys do good things and true inspiration to everyone god bless you dog and family.


(Computer Error) "Null" is *Catrina Clark*
My bad!!


First off "Dog" you are the Shit. I so love you & your family. From hitting ROCK bottom to absolutely changing your life around & to even inspire some of the criminals that you retain & feed them with your Soulful energy of Non-Judgemental kind hearted advice. You & and your family has come along way & you guys are just doing your job & doing damn good at it. Im so sad that the show is coming to an end but im sure that doesnt mean your career is ending. For those or that DEVILISH ENEMY that is threatening you and your family needs to be caught & hell yea DOG you prosecute that son of a bitch to the ENTIRETY. Good luck, be safe, keep prayin like you & your family always does. My prayers are with you all as well. Take care DOG I will always watch your old episodes. Much Love!!! Catrina...

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