Dog the Bounty Hunter: Canceled By A&E

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Duane “Dog” Chapman will soon return to hunting criminals in relative anonymity.

A&E has canceled the Dog's long-running reality TV show Dog the Bounty Hunter.

The series, which wrapped up its eighth season last week, featured the fugitive recovery agent and his family tracking down criminals in Hawaii and Colorado.

Duane Chapman aka Dog the Bounty Hunter

The show got its start following Chapman’s appearance on Take This Job, where viewers got a peek at unusual professions. One of which he certainly has.

Since then, Chapman and A&E have been met controversy more than once. The show was briefly pulled when Dog was caught making racial slurs in 2007.

Chapman and his family also recently received a series of death threats, which the FBI is investigating. Maybe a lower profile will be best in that regard.


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I watch 4 shows. now it will go down to 3 since dog the bounty hunter is canceled. i would like to know why? did the chapmen family no longer want to do it or was it A & E decision?


I just heard Dog was canceled,really all the crap thats on and we get rid of a great show like this,wow this is really sad,I really hope another network will pick up this show,good luck to the chapmans keep up the great work,keeping the bad guys were they belong,


So disappointed that A&E has decided to cancel Dog The Bounty Hunter! I looked forward to one day going to Da Kine Bail Bonds and meeting the team. Don't forget Dog, Beth, Duane Lee, Leland and Lyssa that you got into our hearts. Dog don't stop running the race!


I loved the show I just didn't understand when he would talk shit to the people he was after, then when he caught them he would be like oh man i wish the best for you and doing a prayer with them... Was kinda weird lol. Still a good show though!!!


im really going to miss your show dog keep god in your hearts my prayers are with you all from colorado hope to see you back on tv soon


I think it is horrible that they are cancelling this show. I have always looked up to Dog and his family and I will truly miss them. I love you Dog and Beth and the whole family, it's gonna be wierd not seeing you all on TV anymore. God Bless You.


I watched the show for a while,but I didn't like the filty mouth and then praying on the show.Dog acted so touch but Beth wore the pants in that family.Her boobs hanging out were just sick.She talk to people like they were dogs.She made fun of poor people,how there Mother had a nasty dirty house.Did she have the right to cut down people for being poor?She made me sick.I'm glad they are taking it off the air.If Dog is so tough,why do they need the FBI?The name of the show should be "BETH"


I am really going to miss your show, I wish you and your family the best. My prayers is with you !!


I watched the show with an open mind. However, the prayer thing during the show and then turning around and using foul language and threats the way he did I did'nt get. I know he was dealing with criminals but either you conduct yourself a certain way or just let your true self hang out. On top of that he had the oz man ozzie osbourne (known satanist) doing his opening song. Mayby, in his own way he was trying to give the criminals some hope. I'll give the dude that. but, he just seemed to have to many run ins the wrong way. His kids also seemed to have gone astray more than once. His wife had this entitled attitude like I'll kick your azz if you look at me wrong. Like I said, I never knew about his crew. I'm a nurse so I can say the show did provide entertainment at the nursing home where I worked.

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