Dog the Bounty Hunter: Canceled By A&E

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Duane “Dog” Chapman will soon return to hunting criminals in relative anonymity.

A&E has canceled the Dog's long-running reality TV show Dog the Bounty Hunter.

The series, which wrapped up its eighth season last week, featured the fugitive recovery agent and his family tracking down criminals in Hawaii and Colorado.

Duane Chapman aka Dog the Bounty Hunter

The show got its start following Chapman’s appearance on Take This Job, where viewers got a peek at unusual professions. One of which he certainly has.

Since then, Chapman and A&E have been met controversy more than once. The show was briefly pulled when Dog was caught making racial slurs in 2007.

Chapman and his family also recently received a series of death threats, which the FBI is investigating. Maybe a lower profile will be best in that regard.


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Dog sucks I only liked his wifes boobs the show stinks to fake


I love the show! I'm really gonna miss it

@ Nicki

A&e will soon have no followers once all they are reduced to is dumbass reruns of csi. Canceling shows like dog or breakout kings is honestly the biggest mistake they will make. So long a&e I will no longer subscribe to this channel as there is no point to watching it anymore


I only watched it some times but then Tim left don't no what happend there.You guys were good to people at first then you let the show go to your heads .Soom of us can't live the life you guys do ( but we are still a happy family.I do wish you all the luck just remember some people don' have the money like you.


I will miss this show. Come on A&E share the wealth!


Why cancle ur number one show?maybe a&e don't like having number one rated shows ,just plub crazy isn't it who wants to be a0?maybe a&e?


The show was a joke it got the point where they were revoking bonds instead of picking up people for missing court. They were chasing silly low bonds talking the people like they were killer and they would find at most a crack pipe and a dime bag. Then Beth's out there yelling ICE Head Ice Head. Dog couldn't see the other guys had find the guy then Dog jumps on a 110lb man and yells yea I got you man. Dog could have came to Phoenix a Tuson and got some of these Mexican's gang out on 100k, or some of child beaters where the bondmen keep eyes on the person 100% of the time. But I woner when Dog will come out he dresses like a woman and Beth treats him like her woman. Then Little Lisa come on Bounty Hunter.


I am really upset that A&E has canceled Dog the Bounty Hunter. I am praying that another network would pick up the show. I would rather watch Dog the Bounty Hunter over watching all these damn reality shows. Maybe they should bring Dog and the crew to Chicago to get all these dead beats off the street. Team LeLand!!!!


this isnt right why they cancell all the white trash shows and the Chicanos shows !! lol


the show was good at first but after A&E made them rich,the show just seem to be scripted and fake , Beth would go on dangerous bounty hunts in high heels and 2in manicured nails and designer clothes with her droopy tits hanging out ,and Beth and Dog would never chase the criminals , just yell at the kids to do it, screaming LEELAND GO GET HIM!!! and would even make his pregnant daughter chase criminals! once they became rich the show sucked and Beth took over the show ,BETH got a tummy tuck and still was fat lol - back to snorting coke and getting high in private and then efen prayer!!


I like the show.. Then after several seasons Beth just annoyed me with her sense of entitlement and "dogging" people that were not as rich as her. Then the whole f-bomb and then prayer. Thier family should have taken a ride in Thier own car.. ESP Lyssa who should have been a fugitive herself. The fame got to Thier heads. It was time to nix them.