Did President Obama Lie About Being Born in Kenya?

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A year after he put "birther" rumors to rest by releasing his birth certificate, President Obama's background is back in the news again ... with a twist.

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    yes ..


    The book itself says he was born in Hawaii. Somebody else wrote that advertising booklet, somebody who hadn't READ the book they were advertising.


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    f-it just kill all of the obama family an let god deside if hes a sand nigger loven nig. im shere he will be going to hell for it....or just give him to the ku klux klan an we wont menchen this happen?


    Come on you dummies dont really still believe that BS Kenya conspiracy theory do you?


    I have one question and it is important to me and the people. Why do you lie to people and cover the truth about the real you. MR. President its not right to lie to people and it is against the law to lie about your birth certificate. I also know that the goverment coveres the truth about you and the things you do. I am the person that wants the truth and vote for the good goverment.
    Please reply with the truth and not the lie.


    Oh, Izzy. Before you think I hit my head and lost my marbles, google and find video of Obama around July 13 saying his birthday was next week. He and Michelle celebrated the actual date in July before about 2006.


    Answer to Izzy's question. The travel was possible because Obama was born in mid-July, not August 4. Ann Dunham then traveled to Hawai'i later. Her parents posted the birth announcements (using THEIR address). No, they never dreamed this would be needed to qualify their grandbaby to be president. But Ann and her parents knew it was necessary to qualify for other benefits.


    This is funny. Obama didn't lie. He just happens to be the only person in the history of the world to be born in two places at the same time (thousands of miles apart).
    Here's another funny part: this author who is so OBVIOUSLY supportive of Obama, his lie, and the cover-up says in the 4th sentence that "In 2011, Obama proved he was born in the U.S."
    He did no such thing! I know sixth-graders (no exaggeration) that can prove the document was a forgery.
    But . . . all that aside, shouldn't Obama have "proved" his U.S. birth in . . . wait for it . . . 2008?!?


    SIr President Obama .Where your was born not importance with us but need tell the true you don 't need to hide and lies the same like that .We have happy if the true why you need lies and not respect with people they trussing you and voted for you .SO poor and hurt ,now you teaching for young kids how they ""LIES " after the future they will be PRESIDENT USA .I know you really scared now you can't sleep at well .You Lies and make Law brokend .Remember you and your Wife now both Lawyer and make system in America so poor . Hope you knew and need says Sorry us .

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