Desmond Hatchett, Father of 30 Kids, Seeks Reduction in Child Support Obligations

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Desmond Hatchett, a 33-year-old Knoxville, Tenn., resident, appeared in court this week to ask the state for child-support help, Memphis' WREG TV reported.

When you have 30 kids (yep, 3-0, or thirty), those bills do pile up.

That total is believed to be the record in Knox county, according to reports and have been born by 11 different women. His youngest are toddlers; his oldest is 14.

Hatchett reportedly asked the court to give him a break on his payments, claiming that he's struggling to make ends meet with his minimum-wage job.

Currently, the state requires him to divide 50 percent of his earnings among the 11 women, and he does, but some receive as little as $1.49 a month.

How did Hatchett come to father so many children? He said he didn't plan on it, but it just happened. Sure. He also revealed one dubious feat:

“I had four kids in the same year. Twice," he told Volunteer TV in 2009, adding that he was "done" having kids (he had only 21 at the time).

Hatchett, who may want to consider the cost-benefit analysis of condoms, does not face any legal action because he has broken no laws.


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He never thought of the cost/benefits versus using condoms. He never thought - I guess I am racist when I say that black men don't think they have to take care of the children.


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Hey leesha, I ain't never met a white dude with 30 kids. Try again.
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