David Clowney, Bills WR, Tweets HIV Test Results to the World

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If you thought you'd seen every ridiculous use of Twitter by now, we wouldn't blame you, but Buffalo Bills wide receiver David Clowney proved you wrong.

The NFL player just tweeted the results of his HIV test.

(It's negative).

"Got My HIV Results Back!! Thank God for keeping my body healthy," David wrote, before linking to the image below, just in case you doubted him:

Clowney HIV

This is really a non-story - Clowney is healthy and happy - but it's a great example of how Twitter has changed the relationship between sports stars and fans.

NBA legend Magic Johnson announcing he had HIV at a press conference 20 years ago was a shocking, watershed moment for the worlds of sports and media.

Nowadays, anyone can just Tweet this stuff.

The question we're all wondering: Would Clowney have tweeted the image above if the HIV test results were positive? You have to think no, right?


@Shannon- Phone numbers can be changed!


He must not be a wide receiver then, makes you wonder if it were positive.


I think it's great! Maybe this will encourge more people to go get tested and know their status.


what an a**hole you just gave your phone number to everyone


This is the most ignorant non-news worthy thing I have ever seen. Does he not have anything better to do with his time than to post something like this online? I feel ashamed to live in the same world as this guy. Get a life!!

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