Daughter of Vicki Gunvalson: Pregnant!

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Vicki Gunvalson… to be a grandmother!

Sources tell Us Weekly the daughter of this Real Housewives of Orange County star is pregnant with her first child.


"Briana is pregnant and just about four months along," a Real Housewives insider says of the 24-year old, who eloped in Las Vegas last October with Ryan Culberson, a U.S. soldier who recently fought in Afghanistan.

As Bravo viewers witnessed on recent episodes, Gunvalson was shocked and saddened that she missed the wedding last year, but friends way she's pleasantly surprised by this news and even more stoked than Briana and Ryan plan to renew their vows in the near future.

With family and friends invited this time.

"Briana is really happy, and now that Vicki knows, she's really excited too," says the pal.

Vicki Gunvalson Red Carpet Pic

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As much as I like the show I can hardly stand that PHONY Brooks. Vickie SHAME on you for being with such a LOSER! Frankly I don't know how the two of you put up with each other. AND why are you so upset to think Donn has a girlfriend? LUCKY GIRL!!!!! He was a good guy and you just HAD to cut his balls off didn't you? No wonder he's with someone else!!! Stop your crying and realize that the world DOES NOT REVOLVE AROUND YOU!!!!!!!!!! Nuff said.


Brianna is the adult in this mother/daughter relationship. Vicki only thinks of herself. It is always about her. I feel sorry for Brianna because she loves Don as her father and can relate more to him and how he has been treated by Vickie. And as for Vickie new boyfriend, Really, is she so into herself that she doesn't see he is a looossssseeerrr.......


I seriously doubt Vicki is that happy about this. She only said TWO epsiodes ago that she does NOT want Briana to get pregnant anytime soon since SHE is too young to be a grandma. As always, it's all about Vicki!


Vicki is a whack a doo,and so is that guy she likes!!!


I think Vicki is a nut job!


I am glad Brianna was able to finally do one thing that made her mother happy, or are we celebrating this good news too soon? I mean what if baby doesn't look anything like grandma? Ughh.. I'm scared to even think about 'reprecautions' for this one...lol

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