Daughter of Vicki Gunvalson: Pregnant!

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Vicki Gunvalson… to be a grandmother!

Sources tell Us Weekly the daughter of this Real Housewives of Orange County star is pregnant with her first child.


"Briana is pregnant and just about four months along," a Real Housewives insider says of the 24-year old, who eloped in Las Vegas last October with Ryan Culberson, a U.S. soldier who recently fought in Afghanistan.

As Bravo viewers witnessed on recent episodes, Gunvalson was shocked and saddened that she missed the wedding last year, but friends way she's pleasantly surprised by this news and even more stoked than Briana and Ryan plan to renew their vows in the near future.

With family and friends invited this time.

"Briana is really happy, and now that Vicki knows, she's really excited too," says the pal.

Vicki Gunvalson Red Carpet Pic

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Vicki is going threw the change of life ladies we all know someone who has done that. it doesnt help tralier park tamara done a 360 on her tried to blame her bitch attitude toward gretchen on vic. then all the secrets vic and her shared she blarred out or hinted.lets re
ember don screwed around for 20yrs. i wouldnt have stayed!


Heather says she doesn't have a nanny. Well who watches her four kids while she is out in LA eating lunch via helicopter or she is in Costa Rica and her husband is at work. And she didn't take them with her to the DMV. And Alexis has help. We know that. Heather should start a charity and do fundraising instead of starting restaurant. She is bored at home. Perhaps she could start with learning how to cook a meal for her four childred instead of take out. Maybe she is too busy cleaning her 10K sq ft mansion. Since she is a do it all, so she says.


I am sooooo sick of the one shoulder dresses. Seems like every episode....they all have the one shoulder thing going on!


Congrats Briana; I am so proud of you for not making your wedding turn into a media circus. All the pomp really does not mean anything. Best wishes to you and you husband, and I hope you have a happy, healthy baby.


There probably isn't anything good I wish for either Vicki or Tamra. Could they be more brilliant examples of bitches? Tamra will get what she deserves when her boyfriend has enough of her and her offspring. It's just a matter of time until he moves on to someone his age that is as nice a person as he is. As for Vicki,
I want her mirror. Apparently I would then be a Marilyn Monroe look alike. In order to survive, she has had to become soooo delusional that she thinks she's attractive, intelligent, and a great personality. What she really is a a perfect comic book character. What are all those bumps on her face? The botox areas? She too will get what she deserves when Brooks dumps her. Even a loser can't stand a loser for too long.


I watch this programme from the United Kingdom and can't believe how awful some of the housewives are to each other. Where is the love and frienship? Are all wealthy women so shallow. I would rather be poor than act like those bitchy women. I too hope Donn has found a lady to love him Not than domineering Vicki ( I can't stand her) as for Tamra she is horrible and nasty. Alexis is so up herself. I find her christianity a little strange. I do like Gretchen she is beautiful and hopeful. There must be someone better than Slade for her.


At least Briana didn't follow her mothers example and get knocked up by an abusive alcoholic loser.


Vicki is not wired up! She will never get with the Programme..


I used to think Vickie had a head on her shoulders. Lately,she is acting like the headless horseman! C'mon Vickie...get with the program!