Dancing With the Stars Results Shocker: Who Made the Finals?

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After Monday left Katherine Jenkins in a world of hurt - physically and mentally - many assumed this Dancing With the Stars results show would be her last.

Not the case!

She needed both a doctor's attention and Mark Ballas' reassurances following her misstep and injury, but Jenkins survived despite her last-place finish.

Maria Menounos and Derek Hough

That sounds worse than it was - the judges barely criticized her, and her last-place score was just three points out of the lead - but it was still a surprise.

"It's something I'll just power through," the Welsh opera singer said of her back injury. "And actually, jumping up and down now I think I hit it again."

"I was so excited I just forgot about it."

Those celebration injuries can be rough. Who will join her to vie for the title? And which frontrunner was sent home with a disappointing fourth-place finish?

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Joining Jenkins in the finals will be William Levy, whose sexy looks and smooth moves have him winning votes in his sleep, along with NFL star Donald Driver.

That means Maria Menounos, despite a first-place score of 59 (!) and despite three-time winner Derek Hough as a partner, will be watching from the sidelines.

"I learned so many things," the Extra host said afterward, exiting with the class you'd expect. "I learned how strong I was. I learned to persevere."

"It's been an amazing season," Derek added. "And I've loved, loved dancing with this woman... She's not just a champion of dancing, but a champion of life."

But it's Donald, William and Katherine who will be free-styling for the Mirror Ball next week! Did Maria deserve to go? And who do you think will win it all?

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Did Maria deserve to go?

Who will win?


TPTB at ABC probably needed Maria back at the job and, therefore, fixed her elimination. One of the foreigners will win so ABC can get the credit for bringing him/her to the USA audiences.


By the look on Derek's face he already knew the end result.


The way i feel is: Derek Hough has won a few x's, and people are sick of him...Maria complained a lot about her injuries, and granted she was a good dancer, but these are 2 of the reasons why i think she was eliminated....Katherine,,,,,OMG are you frigin kidding me....What happened to all her pain????? SHe finds out she's in the finals, and she's jumping up and down...Give me a break...she is as phony as the day is long...I pray she does not win...at this stage of the game, i want Driver to win, because if William Levy wins, that is because of his popularity with the woman votes...this guy is a good dancer, but based on his looks, this is the main reason why he's getting votes...After this season, i am totally done with this show...and the judges are another looooooong story...toooooo damn bias...they have their favorites every year...and it's getting all to predictable...DONE WITH THIS SHOW>>>>>SEE YA>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


I agree with Marcia 100%. William Levy does have the best all-around dancing skills. Katherine is good but mostly in the more classical dances. She isn't as well rounded in her skill levels as is William. Donald is good and trying hard but he doesn't have the natural talent that William does. And I think his football player build works against him at times. I think it will be William, Katherine and Donald in that order. But again, the freestyle can bring surprising results.


Shame on the show's producers for letting Katherine get away with this "injury" game. If she had actually hurt her back she wouldn't be able to be jumping around like she was. Watch it again. She was only embarrassed about the mistake and when that happened and being last in points she knew she was in trouble. So instead of just accepting that she and Mark had a misstep, she acted all injured. From her history you know she is not used to losing and she knows how to charm an audience. When all else fails, fake an injury so you will get the sympathy vote. She is a beautiful, talented young woman, but she should learn she is not entitled to always be first.


Maria and Derek were the most entertaining couple on the show! DWTS has kissed Williams behind all season long giving him choice positions week after week and overscoring him repeatedly. Just because he's being groomed for the new ABC/Univision network is no reason to give him extra advantages on DWTS. I would sure love to see the vote counts for this week. Can we demand a recount?


It is a popularity contest and the viewers make it that way.


When I heard Maria say that Derek was the best dancer in the trainng room, I thought that was the kiss of death...that and her jumping around and acting crazy with joy. I think the people are tired of Derek the Star when he is supposed to be supporting the star as a dance partner. He is not at all humble and I think there is a backlash with his attitude.Also, people voting like the dancers to be more grounded than Maria was.


Maria danced well but is way too full of herself and annoying like previously mentioned. Mark is & was a great teacher as usual. The singer is too "poor me", but also dances well. Looks like one of the guys would take it- I'd call it a tie!


I don't know who these people are. Are they ever going to have actual "stars" on this show again?


Dancing with the Stars Quotes

We should have started dancing with one arm waaay before.

Cristian de la Fuente [following his injury, trip to the hospital and subsequent stellar performance]

I am not the best dancer, and I have not been the best dancer from the beginning. I am happy we made it this far.

Cristian de la Fuente