Dancing With the Stars Recap: Katherine Jenkins Melts Down, Cries on Stage

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With the competition down to the final two weeks, tension was running high on Dancing with the Stars, and seemed to overwhelm one top contestant.

A seemingly minor misstep at the end of a solid routine left Katherine Jenkins in tears. The question on every concerned viewer's mind was why?

Their salsa – their second routine of the night – saw the opera singer stumble, a mistake that barely resonated with the judges, but left her bawling on stage:

"That was just fantastic," said Carrie Ann Inaba, who awarded a nine. "I'm sorry at the end. But I just love seeing you push your boundaries."

The other judges also gave her nines, but with the finals a week away, the miscue left poor Jenkins in tears. "I'm sorry, Mark," she told her partner.

It was unclear what exactly caused the crying from Katherine - who also scored a 29 in her first dance, a quickstep - until later in the evening.

Afterward, she was heard saying, "I don't know what happened." She later Tweeted: "I'm with the Doctor, he says it was a reflectorical spasm in my lower back."

Nerves and pressure may have contributed to her tears, but no one realized at the time how much physical agony she was in. What a fighter.

In any event, she's still in this thing, as no more than three points separate all the contestants on a night that saw near perfection in the scoring.

"This is going to be the best semi-finals ever," proclaimed Len Goodman.

Maria Menounos and Derek Hough could not have done a better Argentine tango, getting yet another perfect 30. Later they got a 29 for their jive, as well.

William Levy and Cheryl Burke matched that 30 for a red-hot samba, leaving Len at a loss for words. Their earlier tango collected 29 points.

Donald Driver and Peta Murgatroyd soared, getting 10s from Tonioli and Inaba and a nine from Len for the samba. Their earlier tango earned 28.

Here's how the leaderboard stacks up after the semifinals:

  1. Maria Menounos and Derek Hough: (30, 29) 59
  2. William Levy and Cheryl Burke: (28, 30) 58
  3. Donald Driver and Peta Murgatroyd: (28, 29) 57
  4. Katherine Jenkins and Mark Ballas: (29, 27) 56

Who will be sent home on tonight's results show, and which three couples will advance to the finals next week? Tell us in the comments!


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I very much enjoy watching DWTS, but there is one thing that bothers me greatly. Ms. Burke ALWAYS says, "Here IS your scores." She must stop using wrong grammar. It should be, "Here ARE your scores."
It may be a silly comment, but it grates on my fine-tuned grammatical ear.
Thank you.


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shes crying like a two year old about it. plus i still dont really know why is she famous? a foreign opera singer? who gives a shit.


I too, think that the people who write these reviews should at least like the shows they are reviewing, and have a little respect for the contestants on them. I had a slight pull in my back from work, and although it wasn't bothering me much, one day I was standing at the file cabinet and sneezed, thus tearing my back up so badly I was weeks getting back to normal. It was one of the most painful things I ever experienced. I hope she is okay and makes it to the finals. If not, she may be forced to bow out.


Apparantely you have hever had a back spasm. Count yourself fornutate. Muscle spasms in the back are quite painful and there is no way to find a comfortable position. I think you are very misinformed to assume her tears are based on a "misstep". She clearly was in pain, and I don't doubt, upset about the "misstep" because of the pressure of the semi-finals. Before judging someone's reaction to something, maybe you should experience what that person is going through, especially physically, because you are clearly lacking in knowledge in that area.

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